How to transfer your file between computer and smartphone


Smartphones always will have the limitations of storage and daily usage of the phone starts to accumulate data. There are a few ways that one can ensure that this data is safely backed up and easily retrievable. We shall discuss some tips on how to share data between your phone and computer via different medium

Android does not provide a feature like the iTunes desktop program to sync all the data off your phone to the desktop. If you are using Android phone there are many options to sync or store all your data onto your computer like the one discussed below.

Transfer Files Manually to Your Phone

Most of the people prefer to transfer the data in an ideal or traditional way like copy all the files and paste it directly on your Android phone. If you need to copy music, videos and files like photos and other people copy all the data and paste it in desired folder.

  • USB Cables: Connection by this medium is really very simple and most preferred by the users, you need to connect your phone with a computer with the help of USB and your phone will appear on PC and you can directly communicate with PC, if your connection is not established to then enable the USB storage option from the settings of your phone and then connect your phone.
  • Wireless File Transfers: In recent days wireless connectivity is preferred and most of the users are opting for this method. If you need to transfer the files from your phone to PC, then you can make use of AirDroid which is the most convenient way of transfer of the data. With this app you would be able to access your phone from web browser which gives you the function of copying the files from your phone to PC and vice-versa.
  • Cloud Storage: This method is now growing and becoming as an chosen method to transfer the data. Now make use of Cloud space to transfer the small size data to your phone. If you need to transfer big sized data then you need to make use of a USB cable and get it done but if you are making the transfer of the files which is smaller then the cloud storage service is the best, there are many storage services like Drop box, Google drive and SkyDrive so you can save the data on this space and can access this data anywhere anytime on your phone.

Sync Your Browser Data

You can also sync all your browser data like of bookmarks and history settings etc, you can get it on your phone. Enable the sync option in your browser and install the same browser on your phone and start Auto sync.

  • Google Chrome: If you are using this browser then you need to login to this browser and with the same login account to a Google account and browser and you will find you can sync your PC browser data on your phone.
  • Mozilla Firefox: On Firefox browser you need to just enable the sync option on your computer and then you can make use of Firefox on your Android phone.

Other browsers do not provide with sync solution so if you are using another browser then you need to make use of other sync apps.

Use Online Services

Online services are the best reliable source to save your all data or sync your data from there. If you are using an Android phone then your contact, calendar events are synced automatically with the Google account like Gmail contacts and Google calendar and you can make use of this data by logging in to the same account on your computer and get those data on PC.

All this is the method to sync the data off your phone to computer and vice-versa, this is really needed because you may need all this anytime if you are not in reach with your phone or computer. Evernote and Google Keep are the apps which keep your notes safely within Google account.