How to Stop Auto Renewal of Apple Music


The apple company is an amazing company that creates high quality products .If you are still new in using the apple products there are some settings that you are not familiar with them. Thata��s when we come in handy to offer our services on some of the settings. In the ITunes there are various apps and games .Some of this apps are being paid for though you are given a free trial version while some of them are free. Therefore you have note this when downloading this apps in your phone. Most of the games and apps in ITunes are always paid for.

Apple music

Stop Auto Renewal of Apple Music

In the ITunes we have got the Apple music app. This app always comes with the iPhone, mac and even iPod already installed. The installed version is always a trial version and therefore at the end of the trial period it will automatically renew itself at a fee. There are so many free music apps in the iTunes store and therefore you can download them in the ITunes and avoid this extra additional charges .Despite the fact that you can download this free music apps in the iTunes but when you do not stop the automatic renewal of the Apple music app it will still renew itself. The apple music app will renew itself even if you are using it or not

Here are the basic steps to follow when cancelling Automatic Renewal of the Apple Music app after the end of the trial period.

  1. All you have to do is to go to the setting icon of your iPhone if you are using the iPhone series and then to the iTunes and App store .At the iTunes and app store there is the Apple ID tap it and select view Apple id.
  2. This is where you will enter your password and login.After logging in under the subscription option tap the manage option.
  3. Here you will toggle off the automatic Renewal for apple music app. In case you are using a mac, go to the iTunes icon and click the account icon.Here select the Account info.
  4. You will have to log in to your account and select manage. Here you will click the off part which is next to automatic renewal. The first procedure on iPhone can also be best applied on the iPod.

This steps are very simple and obvious but if you are still new on the apple product ita��s quite cumbersome to determine which way to take. This will help you save some cash. There are thousands of free music app in the iTunes why waste cash on renewing the Apple music app. Just follow the above simple steps and you will be through in cancelling the automatic renewal process in you iPhone, iPod and Mac. If you really wish to continue using it then you just have to pay for it for you to gain the pleasure but there are several alternatives for you to consider. Some of this alternative include the Amazon prime music