How to share documents on WhatsApp

Share your documents via WhatsApp now


Whatsapp is the most common App in todays world. It has become a social network or sharing App. With this we can share anything send pictures and send every moments to others also we can make groups and share some information once to all others in group. It is a leading App in todays time. For time to time new updates are coming with new features and bug fixes. A big update comes into existence on whatsapp on IOs it introduces a brand new feature a pinch to videos it is a zoom for videos. It can be shared from third party apps. A new side update is there rolling out for both IOS and Android devices updated to latest versions from app stores. The new update will rise and allow users to share any type of documents with any one or in groups.

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Whatsapp Allows to share documents

The new versions are 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14 for IOS for users who upgrade these versions. They will see soon another option of sharing it allows all users who upgrade these versions will be able to share documents. There is one tiny issue regarding sharing documents that is the receiver who receives documents should have the same version of whatsapp then he is able to receive or see that document.On Android devices there is a attach icons the same icon appear when you click. The only difference is instead of video icon there is a document icon namely share document. You can tap on that icon and can share documents on whatsapp which are stored in your device memory. You can send multiple documents also in groups same documents again and again.

On IOS devices there is an icon it consists of icon namely ‘’upload’’. The version consists of a little bit change here instead of upload icon there is a “share document” option it allows users to share document from other third party apps. It comes with the online storage. It is similar to the last update of whatsapp for sharing pictures and videos.

This very new update has changed the whatsapp performance one should not go to email addresses for sharing documents because it is now inbuilt in whatsApp. It also becomes a time consuming and great performance app as it comes also with backups that are connected to email address of user. Set the backup schedule at any time. Now after the update come the most of the users reporting that only pdf documents are able to send with it no other document file like word file isn’t sending. Since there is a new server slide update. so it may take some time to fix it and you will be able to send any type of document file on your smart phones. Whenever new versions come new features are available little update removes only bugs and improves performances. But big update changes app and built extra features. The users feel comfort and become interesting.