How to save battery power of iPad by switching 4G to 3G network


If you are in the place where you have no network coverage for fourth generation and your battery is just being used up by the bad network coverage then all you need to do is switch your network from 4G to 3G and conserve the battery of your iPad.

We will discuss about conserving the battery by switching network and how to switch networks on your iPad.

How to Disable 4G on the iPad

All you need to do is go to the settings of your device and move ahead to a�?Cellular Dataa�� and switch Enable LTE to OFF and after you switch off the network it will turn on to 3G network. If you are using the 3G network and you need to switch to lower network than of 3G then you need to do is turn 3G network to off and you will find your device is now running on lower network coverage. If you are using Wi-Fi network then you need switch off your phone data connection so that you can try out with Wi-Fi connection to access internet.

In this way you can conserve your battery by switching it in lower data connection if you do not properly get the internet speed because of network issues.