How to Root Samsung Galaxy J7 : In Easy Steps


Rooting is actually another word for jailbreaking, a simple procedure that enables your phone get access to other services that were never before .On the other side unrooting your phone is actually setting your phone to the previous manufactures conditions and this has got some restrictions on the usage .You actually don’t need to be a computer freak for you to unroot and root the Samsung galaxy J7.This procedures of unrooting and unrooting of Samsung galaxy J7 devices has been made simple. Rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 is very simple and recommended when you want to increase the version of your phone .Rooting sometimes can be dangerous to your phone so you must be carefully on the methods and software files that you use when rooting your phone .Here are the simple steps on How to root Samsung Galaxy J7.

samsung galaxy J7

Root Samsung Galaxy J7

1. The first step to consider is to download and install the TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy J7 phone and backup all your important files since phone rooting clears all of the stored data in your phone. The other file required to be downloaded so as to perform this task is Samsung-kies
2. Then download the root exploit to your computer. This file might be destroyed by your antivirus since the antivirus detects it as a malware. Therefore you need to turn off your computer antivirus .This is also one of the major cautions you will have to undertake.
3. Also in your computer download the UPDATE-SuperSU –v2.46 zip file. Do not unzip this file because it’s not going to be used in your computer.
4. Using the USB cable connect your computer to the phone, transfer the UPDATE-superSU-v2.46 file to your phone.
5. Switch your phone off using the power button then go to the recovery mode.
6. This will direct you to the TWRP recovery mode where you will tap on install. This automatically commands the SuperSU zip file to flash your phone.
7. After this you will have to reboot your phone by going back to the TWRP recovery interface. This is our second last procedure. The TWRP recovery interface provides a platform to reboot your device by just tapping on reboot.
8. Your phone is already rooted now you can access a wide variety of services with a more improved performance and stable ROM. You also have less restriction on what app and latest software to update.
The above procedure will wipe your cache partitions and data factory reset. This is how simple the steps and procedures are and you do not need to be a computer geek to perform the above steps.One of the major precautions you have to undertake is to ensure that your phone is fully charged before you begin the task. However, despite the fact that the procedures and steps are easy it has also its limitations.Rooting of your phone is somehow risky since you can’t gain access to free technical services offered by the Samsung manufacturing company.
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