How to ROOT or Unroot Moto X Style: Step by Step Guide


Rooting one of the risky process required be performed in order to get access to the administrative rights on your Android device. You can make changes to your android device immediately it is rooted with no limits on customizations. Rooting of your Moto X style phone has got off limits such as un-installation of your previous permanently installed apps by the manufactures, you can also customize your phone with the latest apps that were not installed before and also update your android OS version to the latest one .Rooting and unrooting of your phone is always done of the PC and you are required to connect to your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Those are the main prerequisite for you to root and unroot your device.

Motorola Moto X Style 3rd Gen 2015Easy Steps to Root or Unroot Moto X Style

Guidelines on rooting your Moto x style
1. The first step you are required to do is to download the necessary files in your PC such as Fast boot, TWRP recovery, SuperSU .After which you will install them in your PC.

2. Extract the files from the fast boot and use them to unlock the boot loader in your PC .You will then reboot your device on boot loader mode and plug it back using the USB cable. In your desk top you will have to open the command prompt and type the following commands “fast boot OEM” then “Get unlock data” then press enter.

3. The above procedure will prompt you to look for a key .You will therefore visit Motorola Bootloader Unlock website and sign-in using your account or create an account if you have none. If you don’t already have an account there, create one now. Follow the on-screen instructions for unlocking the bootloader on your device. Paste the text string that you copied earlier into the given box and submit it. You will receive the unlock key to your email address now copy it to the clip board.

4. Now, come back to the Command Prompt Window and enter the following command “fast boot Oem unlock KEY” Make sure to replace KEY with the actual unlock key that you received from Motorola. When it is through you will then reboot your device using the following command: “fast boot reboot” and your device should reboot.

5. Now you need to flash a custom recovery. Turn off your device and turn it back on in bootloader mode and Connect your device to your PC via a USB cable.

6. Open a Command Prompt Window on your desktop and type in the following command into the Command Prompt “fastboot flash recovery. Img” and then press the Enter key. Replace recovery.img with the actual name of the recovery image that you have downloaded. When it’s done flashing a recovery, reboot your device by issuing the following command: fastboot reboot. Now your device is rocking a custom recovery.

7. Finally now you can start rooting your device. Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable. Copy SuperSU .zip from your desktop over to the internal storage on your device. Disconnect your device from your PC when SuperSU is copied.

8. Turn off your device. Turn it back on in recovery mode. To do that, hold down Volume DOWN and Power buttons together. Select Recovery from the options available on your screen. Tap on Install in the recovery menu.

9. Choose SuperSU .zip to be installed on your device. Confirm the prompt by tapping Swipe to Confirm Flash. Wait for TWRP to install SuperSU on your device.

10. When it’s done installing SuperSU, reboot your device by choosing Reboot followed by System from the recovery menu.

11. Your device should reboot. And now it’s all set.

12. You have it finally .You can do whatever you wanted to!!!Now you can flash custom ROMs to open up a new world of customizations.

Motorola Moto X Play 3rd Gen 2015

Step By Step Guide On How to Unroot Moto X Style
Download Restore to Stock Tool and save it to your desktop.
1. Extract files from Restore to Stock Tool over to your desktop by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here.

2. Head to about phone which is located in the settings under the menu on your device and tap on Build number for 7-8 times and it’ll say you’re a developer.

3. Head to Developer options which is under the menu located in the settings and turn on the option that says USB debugging.

4. Plug in your device to your PC using a USB cable.

5. Right-click on FLASH-ALL.bat available on your desktop and select Run as administrator to launch the tool.

6. The tool should automatically start flashing stock ROM on your device.

7. Wait for the tool to finish its job. And there you are set to go.