How to manage android apps with task manager apps


As the smartphone market has grown, a big flow of apps have become a daily essential part of any smart phone user, along with comes the added responsibility of installing apps and managing them. Here are the tips to manage your running apps and storage consumed by your apps and knowing the importance of task manager on your phone.

You must have come in contact with many task managers in Google play, these apps allows you with the display of running apps and allows you to manage the apps by killing the apps or managing the apps. Without third-party app, we will provide you with the details of managing apps with the default software which is included in your Android phone. Third-party apps are always a risk as this may contain malware and also leads to unnecessary killing of task.

Auto Task killing:

People are not aware of using this app on Android as they have a perception that killing the task will free some memory or CPU for other running apps; this is true for Windows but not in the Android OS. Task manager and Task killers are same and both perform the same operation of killing the task. Task killers are meant to speed your phone by automatic killing of apps which run in the background.A�It kills the task which runs in the background but it is not necessary to kill that app as it does not consume much memory .

So this will lead to slow down on your phone and poor performance. So ita��s an advice to not to go with this type of task killers.

Stop the Running apps:

Most of the people like to close and app manually and they do this by removing apps from memory which is a very convenient way and is present in latest Android version 4.0 and up. You can do this by opening the multitasking screen on your phone and hold the dedicated button for multitasking; some of the phone needs double tap on the button to open this window. You will find the list of recently used apps on the phone so you can swipe the apps to the left and clear the memory and this will help you to increase the RAM memory. Do not make use of app to kill the task as this is not necessary and beneficial for your phone.

You can also try out with another method to clear memory, go to the settings of your phone and then tap the Apps category and there you can find the running app list and can check with the app which you need to stop and on that particular app press the force stop button and remove it from memory.

Apps Management:

You can manage your application by stopping the Force button provided on appa��s info screen. View all the apps and the amount of storage that app is using and clear all the data or cache memory to free some space and RAM.

View Apps Running in the Background:

You will find that there are many apps which run continuously in the background and occupy some space and memory. You can go to the settings of your menu and then to Apps category and there you will find option of running tab, click on that tab this will provide you with many apps running continuously from the start of your phone. Chat messenger like Facebook messenger and What’s app run continuously to get messages always. So you can close that apps but it will start later again so best way to stop this unwanted apps is uninstalled and get rid of it.

View Battery Use:

Battery backup is most important and very critical issue of Smartphones, you will find that most of the users complain that their phone backup are not up to the mark, A�here are some tips to make use of battery smartly.

Open the settings of your phone and then tap Battery option in that. You can view the specific battery use of the application. You will find the list of apps and the apps using CPU and other resources. So you can see the most used apps on the top and less used apps as down. So smartly categorize the apps and uninstall the apps which are not in use, this will reduce the use of the CPU and also the use of memory and will definitely increase in battery power.

In this way you can handle your phone and smartly handle your Smartphone.