How to increase Speed Performance of Samsung Galaxy J7 2016


Android smartphones tend to have performance issue especially when they started to get used up. Android Operating Systems and other mobile systems are made to be light but fast and efficient gives access for our everyday needs. It is the same for Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. While some might have issues from the start many might find good points in order to increase the slowing performance of their phones.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

Maybe your phone is slowing down since it had been used up for a while now or maybe you already loaded it up with all kinds of applications you can find from the Google Play Store. Then let’s start to do some cleaning and get your Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 back up with some tips.

Avoid Resource Hungry Applications

There are lots of kinds of applications you can download from the Google Play Store and many of they might be well suited for your Samsung Galaxy J7 but sure enough, not all of them. These hungry resource applications may or may not run on your phone and when it run, it doesn’t mean that it is well suited. While running, these apps will try to every resource available on your phone lowering its performance and sometimes, permanently damaging your hardware due to overheating and other matters.

Freeing Space

When free storage space gets less and less, the more the unit slows down. It only for Samsung Galaxy J7, all kinds of smartphones have this problem.

First is to remove unnecessary applications installed on your phone. These applications are those that you use the least and are just left on standby.

Next is to clean your cache. These are temporary files created by the applications you installed and uses. Most of the time, these cache are removed after use but there are also times when they are left there until you removed them manually.

There are also residual files that maybe left after you uninstall an application. Most of them are left inside your memory cards in the android data folder. For easier removal and to avoid removing necessary resources accidentally, you can use some file managers to delete them.

Kill Background Applications

Resource is needed for your Samsung Galaxy J7 to run smoothly. But what if the resource needed is already occupied by a background application? Then the performance will slow down. Opening the application menu settings, you can manually kill those processes that you don’t need. You can also download task killers available in the Google Play Store to sort it much easier.

You can also disable unnecessary system apps that may keep running even after forcibly killing their processes.

Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets and Live wallpapers eat up memory and always run in the background and can lead to your phone not meeting the required resource needed. If possible avoid live wallpapers and keep widgets to a minimum.


Always check for updates and update your OS and applications when necessary. This may indeed help a lot in increasing the performance of your phone.

This might be aimed at Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 users or maybe to the general android community, either way, this tips is to help you increase the speed and performance of your smartphone.