How to increase battery performance of HTC One M9


HTC has been in the smartphone market since long and it has been continuously serving the smartphone users with the latest technology. The HTC One M9 is a brilliant phone and you will enjoy having it with you. HTC One M9 been a smartphone suffers from a problem that most smartphone users are well aware off a dream of smartphone users long battery life. You need not worry there are many ways through which you can ensure that your phone always remains a true friend to you throughout day and night. Some of the users believe that the best way to extend the battery life is have another handset or buy a phone with a large mAH

HTC One M9

When consulted with the experts they have suggested various methods where in the battery life of HTC One M9 can be easily managed. The battery life of any phone always depends on the user. The talk time and usage of the phone is very important in order to maintain the batter of the phone. The power management feature available in the HTC One M9 will help the users to retain their battery for a longer period of time.

Checking the usage of the battery – you need to monitor the usage of your battery from time to time. You need to identify which is the operation that consumes more time of your battery. Nowadays most of them use the internet so using the internet for a longer period of time can consume the battery faster. Accordingly you can manage the usage of the battery and increase the battery life of the phone.

Managing your connections – you need to turn off all your wireless connections when not in use. The wireless connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data transfer all such things have to be disconnected.

Device Connections – With more and more devices been packed in smartphone it becomes very essential that you manage your device connections effectively and wisely.Newer phone are packed with various connection options. You should use the GPS facility only when essential. Once you are done with your trip or requirements make sure that such navigation applications are stopped. These applications consume a large amount of battery life of the phone.

Sleep mode – If possible keep the phone on the sleep mode option during the low usage hours so the phone will automatically turn off the data connection applications if the screen has remained off for more than 15 minutes. Turn you phone on the airplane mode when you are not using any wireless connections.