How to increase battery life in OnePlus 2


OnePlus 2 is the successor of OnePlus One, a Chinese brand from Oppo Smartphone Company. OnePlus 2 has a 3300 mAh battery which is not replaceable. In order to increase battery life in OnePlus 2 follow these:

OnePlus 2Increase Battery Life in One Plus 2

1. Control Screen Brightness:
Screen brightness consumes a lot of battery power, by decreasing/dim the brightness of screen you are able to increase the power of the battery. You can also adaptive display because in the adaptive display the screen automatically adopts the surrounding. Decreasing the sleep time of phone as low as possible and using static wallpaper instead of live wallpaper will also help you increase your battery life.

To control the screen brightness follow:
Apps> Settings > Display Settings > Brightness level.
Adaptive display option is below the screen brightness.

2. Enable Power Saving Mood:
In most of the smartphones, the power saving mood is available. In the power saving mood all the extra and backgrounds Apps stops. The screen brightness is adjusted automatically. This will slow down your phone but will save the power and increase the battery life.

3. Remove Bloatware:
The OnePlus 2 will not have too much Bloatware but if you have bought your phone from online sources like amazon then this phone will have an amazon App. If you are not using amazon then disable the App or uninstall it. Similarly, uninstall all the Bloatware which will save power and increase your battery life.

4. Disable Dual SIM:
OnePlus 2 is a dual SIM standby phone. If you are only using one SIM and the other is not in use, it is better to disable it which is also helpful in increasing battery power.

The dual SIM can be disabled by:
Apps > Settings > Wireless and Network Section.

5. Uninstall Extra Apps:
Sometimes too much Apps and games are downloaded and is not used often. Uninstall it from your phone it will save your phone memory as well as battery power because all these Apps are running in the background and consume battery power.

6. Disable Mobile Data And GPS:
When your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi service, there is no need to enable mobile data because it is only consuming battery power. Also, disable the GPS as it consumes the battery power continuously by checking GPS location instantly.

To disable mobile data:
Apps > Settings > Wireless and Network > Data Usage > Toggle the button to OFF for both the SIM cards.

7. Disable Vibration And Notification:
Most of the people keep their mobile phone on vibration mood throughout the day due to their professional duties and requirements but still they are unable to respond the calls and messages on time due to meetings or other activities. The vibration mood also consumes battery just like with the ringtone option so it is better to keep the mobile phone at completely silent option rather than vibration. Also, disable the extra notifications for different Apps which will help in saving battery power.

It can be adjusted in the following steps:
Apps > Settings > Sound and Notifications.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase the battery life OnePlus 2 smartphone.