How to improve battery performance Micromax Canvas Spark Q380


Micromax Canavas is one of the best selling series of Micromax phones. Micromax has constantly added new phones to this series keeping it buzzing constantly. Canvas Spark Q380 has mid-range specification powered by a mediatek processor and 1 GB RAM. Canvas Spark Q380 has a decent 8 MP shooter along with 2 Mp front shooter. Canvas Spark Q380 has a 2000 mAh battery with such amazing features Micromax could have made sure that the battery was on a higher side. Below we provide some tips to improve battery performance Micromax Canvas Spark Q380.


Improve Micromax Canvas Spark Q380
  1. Increase Battery Life on Q380
    Canvas Spark has a good battery capacity of 2000 mAh. The company claims the battery can give you 335 hours of backup on standby. It is true that battery backup is a major complain in almost every smart-phone. To increase the battery life while you are on move use dark backgrounds as dark pixels are actually unlit.
  2. Darker variety of themes and launchers will help you extract more from the battery of your smart-phone. Set the brightness to a lower level if possible as it will help you save battery power. If it is possible set your Spark to ring only mode as vibrate alert takes up more energy. Sometimes you may push a button just to see the time but the screen will glow for a longer time without any reason.
  3. Therefore, backlit time-out should be set to as low as possible to save energy. Stop your notifications during the time you are at work or sleeping to save battery power. If you are sleeping there is no point in knowing that one of your friends has come online. If it is not necessary you can also turn off the internet to save the battery. Try to update the applications you use regularly as there might be updates for battery optimization.
  4. If there are applications you are not using it is best to remove them from your phone. Turning off location services will also help you save battery. Location services keep contacting your phone to know your position which takes up a lot of energy. Spark uses a Lithium Ion battery which is good because they do not have memory effect. This gives you the opportunity to charge the phone whenever possible.

Today’s Smart-phones have large screens so that it is easier for us to use the internet or watch movies but we must understand that these activities use a lot of energy. The user should be aware that often they forget to close programs they have opened and they keep on running in the background. This eats up a lot of battery so it is better to always close programs properly. Watching movies or playing games also drains your battery fast so avoid doing those while on the move.