How to get rid of bloat ware from Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2 ?


There are many times when the telecom carrier company installs those unwanted apps on the smart phone you buy. The same happens with Sony Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2 and there are many users who are complaining about the removal of the bloat ware from Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2. The best part about removing these unnecessary apps is that you can have more storage space and expect your smart phone to work in a smooth and easy many. Let us try to find more about the removal of bloat ware from Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2 with the help of some simple steps.

Sony Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2 Black

Before you remove bloat ware you need to make sure that the device is rooted properly

The first and the foremost important step that you should follow are to root your smart phone device. Because without this process it is not possible to get rid of bloat ware. In order to know more about the root procedure you need to opt for a detailed research on the internet.

Important steps to get rid of Bloat Ware from smart phone

Step 1– After completion of the rooting procedure the first step is to go to the play store of Sony Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2 and search for an app called as No Bloat. The best part about this app is that it is freely available at play store. After downloading the app you need to install this app. the installation procedure is very easy as by following step by step approach you can easily install No Bloat app

Step 2– The best step is to open No Bloat app and you will be prompted to allow super-user permission. Simply allow this option to run and tap on different system apps that you wish to remove. You can easily remove the unwanted apps one by one.

While performing these steps you need to be pretty sure that the important data does not get deleted and on safer side you can create a backup of your important data and files somewhere on your computer. After removing every unwanted app you need to re-check your Sony Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2.

The best part about No Bloat is that the apps that you have deleted gets stored in a backup folder with the help of app and you need to tap on delete backup so that everything gets cleared. You can use No Bloat as many as times as you want. Once the Bloat Ware gets removed you need to make sure that you restart your smart phone and after few seconds you will see that your smart phone will work in a smooth and fast manner.