How to flash ZUK Z2 without unbricking it


Lenovo’s partnership with its fellow sub brand ZUK has so far proved to be very fruitful for the firm as well as for the general public. ZUK Z2 being the cheapest ever Smartphone powered by Snapdragon 820 processor has received a hug buzz from its fans all over the globe. Introduction of Snapdragon 820 has definitely made things a bit different as compared to former variants.Its still possible to flash ZUK Z2 Smartphone by following our step by step procedure.

ZUK Z2Root Lenovo Zuk Z2: Easy Steps


  • Windows PC
  • adb setup
  • MiFlash app
  • ZUK Z2 Smartphone USB drivers
  • Qualcomm Diag port drivers

Before proceeding with the given workaround, its essential to backup all your essential data present in your Smartphone because flashing with bring your Smartphone OS back to factory condition.


1. Lets get started by installing adb setup on your windows PC. It is an essential step and after doing it successfully your PC will be able to handle fastboot and adb commands besides installing required adb drivers in order to proceed further.
2. Now install the already downloaded ZUK Z2 phone Windows USB drivers and Qualcomm Diag port drivers on your PC.
3. Lets turn on a�?USB Debugginga�?. To do so, few methods are available. You can simply tap on a�?USB debugging (ADB)a�?under a�?USB computer connectiona�? from the pop-up window which appears when you plug the USB cable in your windows PC. Another method to do so in case of Cyanogen installed Smartphone is by tapping multiple times on “Build Numbera�? option present in thea�? About Phonea�? wizard of youra�? settingsa�? option.
4. After turning on USB debugging, open command prompt on your PC and typea�? adb devicesa�?
5. Look for the Allow USB debugging prompt popped up on your Smartphone display and set it to “always allow from this computera�?.
6. It is about time for Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 to come into play. After that type adb reboot edl command in the command prompt. In order to turn on Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008, lollipop devices need to press a�?Volume Upa�? key and plug in the USB Cable but remember not to press power button. This should open the port. In case of Marshmallow devices, turn off the device and immediately insert USB cable and press power on key, the port will open.
7. Lets complete the MiFlash app setup on your PC and remember to choose a�?Install this driver software anywaya�? when your system asks for it few times. A new port named Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 will appear in your Device Manager if everything worked as per the plan.
8. Open MiFlash app, refresh it and you will see this port on your display. Then tap on a�?Browsea�? option and select the unzipped ROM file that you already downloaded.
9. To finish the flashing process, simply click on Flash button and within few minutes your ZUK Z2 will be flashed successfully.
10. Congratulations! You have just saved your Smartphone. Now unplug the USB cable and turn it on normally by pressing Power button long enough to turn it on.