How to Fix Sony Xperia Z3 Wi-Fi issues


Sony have been in the device as well as in electronic product development since 1946 when the founded this company in Japan. Sony has a worldwide reputation for all its products and its mobile device division is rocking the world with great gadgets. After the success of Sony Xperia Z, Company recently launched Sony Xperia Z3 with a device they bought in some upgrade that can support 4G communication protocol, you can click images with the great 20.7MP rear camera, a quad core 801-snapdragon processor with a graphic processor adreno 330 the screen viewing would be fun. All this is backed with a 3100mAh battery that can last up to 36hrs on standby, which is quite great. Sony also added all the basic features that an android device requires and all the ones that were in its predecessors.

Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 wi-fi issues solutions

All this basic features work fine but as per the question we received, I found a common problem that all our users are facing with respect to Wi-Fi in Sony Xperia z series. In addition, the problem is either Wi-Fi connectivity or drooping of Wi-Fi network or something related to this then here is the solution for it. Below I will mention some of the steps that you need to check to rule out your issues.

Stamina mode:

The company has provided stamina mode so that user can use the maximum battery and the mode disables all the unwanted app that are running on the backend of the system. This mode is quite helpful but if you are enabling this mode make sure you uncheck the Wi-Fi settings option. What will happen with this is if stamina mode is on and you haven’t unchecked the Wi-Fi option it will automatically drop the Wi-Fi connection for you. So make sure you make Wi-Fi as an exception.

Sleep policy:

Sleep policy is as if working in stamina mode but here it is enabled or disabled by user. In sleep mode unwanted application will not be turned off unlike stamina mode. But to disable this option you need to go to settings≫ Wi-Fi≫ advance option≫ and select “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep. “ this will disable the device from dropping the Wi-Fi network whenever you have moved to sleep mode.

Wi-Fi optimization:

You will be able to see this option in your Wi-Fi settings panel. Wi-Fi optimization will disconnect the device from Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi router when you have locked the device this is to save more battery so that device last longs but frankly you don’t require this option and I prefer to turn this option off permantly so that I remain connected where ever and whenever I want.

Basic settings:

If all this is done and yet you cant connect it then make sure you have got all the settings right network ssid (network name), encryption (wpa/wpa2psk preferred.) make sure your router is configured to accept other mac. In addition to all this, make sure, your Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi® certified. If you are not sure of any of this option, contact the device manufacturer or read the manual.