How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 damaged due to water


No matter how much Smartphone manufacturers warn their customers from taking their phones near pools or water bodies people still do it. lot end up with a submerged phone.Given the fact a smartphone is an integral part of your lives loosing out on it due to water damage is difficult and so uncalled for. The amount of money that one puts in plus loss of time out of reach makes even more stressful. Samsung Galaxy S4 is part of the Galaxy series, though its recent successor is IP67 certified, Galaxy SS4 misses out.With top of the lines specs Galaxy S4 is truly an outstanding piece of hardware, call it just plain unlucky or been short sighted by the makers the phone is not water resistant

Samsung Galaxy S4

Here are the things which you should do to fix your phone:

    After quickly retrieving the phone from the water if it is still on switch it off. If it is already off keep it the same way.

    Do not attach it to a charger or any charging device till you have tried out all the mentioned points below.

    Detach its protective films layer and casing cover.
    Remove the outer case then the battery cover and take off the battery. The battery source should be removed as soon as possible. Once the battery is removed the SIM card and Micro SD card must also be removed.

    Do not tilt or shake the phone as it might cause the water in it to seep further into phone.

    Press the water that could be seen using a dry cloth or tissue or absorbent cloth.

    Use a vacuum cleaner a low powered one. Strong powered vacuum cleaner may damage sensitive part of phone.

    There are phone drying materials available in electronic stores.

    Leave the phone to dry for days in a airtight plastic ziplock bag filled with uncooked rice, as rice helps to soak up any residual water, the longer the better and it will depend upon how much water seeped into the phone.

    If you cannot see any remaining water and if you are sure the device is absolutely dry already, insert battery and try to turn on the phone.

    If it does not on then allow it to dry for some more days in rice bag and then try again. If still not working then try charging Galaxy S4, when it remains off upon charging, try inserting another battery to test if battery is damaged by water.

    Above ways are some home made fixes that will help your phone to breathe again normally but if these techniques are a bit time consuming and do require a level of patience, if you are not one of those kinds then we suggest to check for your warranty and take it to the nearest service station