How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 black screen, Won’t start or unable to boot


The Samsung series are rated as one of the best product. Lot of people has shifted to Samsung due to its Galaxy series. With its very first release Samsung galaxy, got good reviews the unit sale went as per the expectation. The same success ratio was noted with its second release. While, Samsung Galaxy 3 failed to achieve its expectation of users due to some or the other reasons. But, there are number of issues registered of display problem with Samsung Galaxy S4. Every Smartphone has good and bad points, it’s not necessary that each of the released products should work as in the expected way. Lot of users has reported display issue. The common complaint registered so far is Samsung Galaxy S4 black screen of death.

Make a note, you don’t have to worry with such issues, as this issues are related to software, this issues can be solved by troubleshooting them. But, physical damage always ends up with replacement of device. If your display panel is damaged severely, then only the display panel can be changed without opting for device replacement.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been plagued by black screen

Samsung Galxy S4 black screen

The common issues noted under Samsung Galaxy S4 are:

  • Unresponsive Display
  • Blank screen
  • Dead pixel.

Unresponsive Dsiplay issue: This issue might result due to two reasons: Hardware issue or Software issue. The most possible cause of this issue is:

  • Component caused malfunction
  • Phone got froze
  • Third party application went rough

This possible cause does have solution such as:

  • Reboot the Smartphone
  • Uninstall the application causing issue
  • Check the phone, the phone might be having issues , rather than its application
  • Send the Smartphone at respective Customer service to repair.

Black screen: This is one of the common issues noted by several Smartphone’s. There are few possible cause like:

  • Lack of battery power
  • Physical damage
  • Particular application gets hang

Solution for this error is as follows:

  • All you can do is reboot the Smartphone
  • Charge your Smartphone or consult a tech person to fix issue.

Dead Pixel: If you see a dot like figure on screen and it is not going off after restart or any other attempts then your device must be suffering through Dead pixel. This reason for causing this is:

  • Application freezes
  • GPU issue
  • Screen damage

There are some solutions over this such as:

  • Check if it is caused due to application, try re-installation if that might solve your this problem.
  • GPU issue, try to clear out cache. Try to uninstall any heavy game, if that is causing issue.

When you face such kind of problem, its big disappointment, as it does affect your work in some or other way. But do check, if your Smartphone falls under warranty period, then you can check your Smartphone at respective service care.