How to Fix an iPhone unable to download email

Fix iPhone unable to download Email


Sometimes iPhone or a iPad refuses to download an important email. And if you want to fix it quickly then try these methods which can provide you an easy solution.If you are an iOS user you might have seen an error massage like “This message has not been downloaded from the server”. It’s a very common massage generally seen by iOS users which means when you are trying to download your mail from the mail server, it’s been interrupted.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Fix an iphone Email problem

The reason behind these problem can be many such as

  • Download has been interrupted
  • Can be the result of connection problem
  • There could be a problem in mail setting too

If download has been interrupted because of connection problem:

The most common error sometimes can be the connection problem. To fix it you can at first go to setting. Then check if AirPlane Mode is off. On it once and off it once again.

This will provide you a better signal and reset your connectivity. Apart from that try to move to a location where you can get good mobile data connectivity such as a Wi-Fi zone. If you move towards a Wi-Fi zone make sure that it’s a known connection and not a public network.

You can exit mail and reopen it:
If the download has been interrupted you can simply quit the mail. For that at first you need to open the mail then go to Home button. Double-tap on it. Now move the Mail window up and off the tip of the screen. After that click on the Home button. Now just press the Mail icon to reopen it.

You can reset your mail and update it once again:
To reset your mail you need to click on the “slide to power off” message which you can get by holding the home button. Wait until it’s fully switched off. After that just click on sleep/wake button to update it.

You can simply delete your account and reinstall it

To delete your account you need to go to the setting first. After that click on mail, contacts, calendars respectively. Choose the account with which you are facing trouble and delete it. After that press add account and select the account from the list and fill up the required details.