How to ensure your iPhone safe after recent App hack


We have heard several situations where our iPhone are being hacked .It’s a high time you should be more careful and protect your iPhone from this by following this simple basic tips .The phones are simply hacked through the app store, where some of the app are malwares and this is common in the WeChat app .The hackers have created a malware which pops up and requests for sensitive information from your phone such as passwords and usernames .When you give them your information they can easily access your data and other online accounts. The apple company has gone ahead in deleting over 300 apps suspected to be malwares in the app store. Unfortunately some of the iPhone users had already downloaded the apps before being deleted. It’s therefore a high time you need to protect or ensure your iPhone safe since all is not lost by following the following tips.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Keep your iphone Safe after the recent Apps hack

• Change the password of your account

If you have already submitted your username and password to your accounts it is advisable you change all of your account details it is also good you have second form of accreditation so as to block the hackers from accessing even your email accounts. You must also be sensitive on alerts asking for your credentials such as password.

• You must also be sensitive when providing information about your account

This hackers always use information provided by you. Therefore without you providing this information they can’t access your personal data and information .Therefore you must not provide you login credentials to pop ups of some apps since it’s through this app that they will get accessed to your information.

• Research On the list of the harmful malwares in form of apps

You must have a wide knowledge on the trust worthy of the apps and the manufacturers of the apps don t just download apps because they seem to be cool .You must keep in mind and be aware of who is asking for this information. Click here for a list, List 2

• Uninstall all your apps.

It’s advisable that’s you u all of your apps that you had downloaded. Recently the iPhone Company deleted over 300 apps that were suspected to be malwares and therefore the current apps are suspected to be good and malware free.

This hacking case has commonly affected the apps developed in Chinese therefore you must be very keep when downloading apps from the Chinese sites or else you will end up being a victim of circumstance . Observing the above simple instruction will help you shun away from this hackers. You must therefore download apps from legitimate developer. Though it’s quite hard to determine a legitimate developer but also try the best you can to shun away from some app. Apple is there to protect you and therefore in case of any suspicious situation report it to our service centers .It will be attended to immediately. Ignorance is a bliss and we should therefore shun aware from it hence don’t ignore any pop up that requests for your credentials report it immediately