How to clear ram memory in android and make phone run faster


Android is everywhere! From Smart-phone to tablets, all devices prefer to go for the Android operating system as a platform. Android adds all great features under one roof, any sort of game or application first tries to get compatible with Android. The Android operating system is getting popular day-by-day. Working on Android gives great pleasure, but this pleasure turns into frustration when your phone memory causes issues. Memory issue, Isna��t a big question? Storage space can be increased, but what about RAM? Increasing RAM space cana��t be possible, as this space comes in-built with your Smart-phone. We expect our Smart-phone to be Smart on each step, but low performance can affect a lot on Smart-phone. If your Smart-phone is facing low RAM space issue, you cana��t play games with heavy graphics or applications that use much space. Clearing RAM will helps you to make your phone run faster.

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How to solve this issue? As Android is specially designed to work with Multitasking ability, but this multi-tasking fails to show true results due to less RAM space and slow down your Smart-phone performance. Now you must be puzzled how this multi-tasking feature will affect Ram? Well, this multi-tasking feature will require memory for running the program, they will use the RAM as primary memory space, and this in turn will slow down their operation processes. Every question has a solution; there must hardly be any question that does not have any solution. There is an app that can increase the RAM of Smart-phone. Cool, isna��t it? A new technique in which a new file gets created, this file is known as SWAP file. This file is stored in SD card, and used as Virtual RAM to increase the performance of your Smart-phone. This is unbelievable, just a single app can make this big difference? A seriously great app to for, I believe. This app can do a lot of unbelievable stuff to note.

How to Increase RAM in Android Smartphones

Now, definitely at this moment of time, you must be thinking to get this beautiful app. But wait, leta��s get the detail on this brilliant app and required procedure to go through. a�?ROHSOFT RAMAEXPANDER a��, is the app that will help to increase and improve the performance of your Smart-phone or Tablet. But before getting this on your Smart-phone, it is advisable to check, whether your phone is compatible with this app or not. To get compatibility test, you need to use Memory Info & Swap file Check plugin. This is free to download, so you can check your Smart-phone compatibility. Since some of the Android devices are not compatible with this application, which can land your phone into more problems of performance it is suggested to first try whether it is working on your Smartphone or not?

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This application has lots of great features, leta��s explore a bit on these applications:

  • SWAP memory / SWAP RAM File system limits expansion up to 4.0 GB
  • This app Autorun Makes analysis and detailed memory information Works on one click optimization and automatic calculation Kernel parameter Root access; kernel swap support..

These are some of the features that are in great help to improve performance of your phone

But beside this, there are a few tips that will help you to boost your performance of RAM. Transfer to SD card or delete the apps not being used.

Few Android phones are preloaded with a bunch of apps. Some of the manufacturers have phones with preloaded skin on it along with a few apps already loaded. Some of these apps consume memory or just consume the storage space being active in the background it would therefore be appropriate to see that if these apps are not being used delete them to free memory and get additional storage space. If a few of these apps are being used sparingly it makes sense that these be transferred to the SD card, true enough not all apps can be shifted to the SD card , most of the apps available on Play store can be easily shifted to SD card. As in these Android phones and Tablets where built in storage space is very low these apps block the space affecting the performance considerably.

Regular update

Apps updates can be accessed from the Google Play store. The app developers or phone or tablet manufacturers regularly send the updates, these updates to device or OS improve the performance of the phone. The updates for apps are released on a regular basis, they optimize the performance of the apps making them far more efficient. The users can update firmware or the operating system through the settings.

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Widgets and wallpaper on screen

Though it is construed to be an asset, that the Widgets and the Live wallpapers can be customized to the home screen. The dark side of the coin is that these live wallpapers consume battery, more so than that of the static wallpapers. Widgets not only consume battery but also data also while updating. It is therefore more pertinent that widgets not being used were deleted, and the screen has static wallpaper. Keep fewer widgets, switching the unused widgets will make the device smoother to operate. Ita��s worth noting that live wallpapers and widgets consume battery and also the memory of the Android phone.

Battery Boosters

There are a number of apps in the Play store that boost up the battery life of the phone and also helps to track down which apps are consuming the battery. By typing a�?battery boostera�� in the Play store these options open up. Some of these apps also give options like power mode, Restrictive mode and the battery saver mode. Each mode conserves battery by cutting activities like data Wi-Fi etc.

Clearing Memory and boosting apps

The user will notice quite a lag , if the device has low RAM. Particularly if device is being used to multi-task very frequently. Again On the Play store there are plenty of apps available for clearing memory, such as Memory cleaner, History eraser, Clean Master . These apps help in boosting up the performance by clearing the memory being consumed by apps in the background at any time.