How to choose a screen protector | screen guard for your smartphone


When I bought a phone recently, like we always do I went hunting for accessories. I did not have much problem with the other like body covers and all, but what confused me the most was which screen protector to put on the phone. Actually it was not that big a deal since I asked for a screen protector and simply one gets it. But I was asked in a very mind boggling way, “Which screen guard do you want?” and I was like “How many are there?”

So I got back home and started on a mission I knew will lead me somewhere, everything does eventually but I waited for that perfect screen protector for my device. I searched the shit out of the internet and asked numerous sellers as to which screen protector is the best. I got many horrid remarks and expressions as if I was out of this world or else asked about aliens. Then I came to know that almost everyone kept only 1 or two types of screen protectors and they did not care which one the customer asked for. But that’s not the way we roll, so I have compiled here for your information about all the available screen protectors in the market. So below is a list of the available types of screen protectors.

Screen protector

Note: many manufacturers make custom screen protectors with almost super human qualities like self-healing and stuff. So those are not included. You can still get those but on if you might be interested or are attracted to them or just want to give them a try.

1. Clear: This is completely transparent and a bit thick. It is susceptible to oil and fingerprints but can be easily cleaned off without any issues. They are quite cheap and they do get scratches on them, but the scratches stay on the film they are a bit thick and so the screen gets protected, and being clear the screen is 100% visible in its trueness without any hindrance.

2. Matte: This does not have the clear glossy finish on top but comes with a matte finish which is smooth yet a bit rough. The best part is that it makes the touch of the screen a bit more sensitive with the roughness making it sensitive to us so that we don’t use excess pressure on the screen. The downside of this is that it gives the screen colours a bit distorted and washed out, but it does not catch any oil, or fingerprints that are visible.

3. Anti-glare: This is the same as matte but with a glossy finish like clear but still distorts the screen display a bit over it. It is a bit susceptible to oil and fingerprints but not much. And when reading exactly against light, the light does not get reflected back, so that is an advantage of this and does not disturb your eyes.

4. Oleo-phobic: These screen guards are made especially for resisting oils and fingerprints. So if you are working in a place which has lots of oily products around and you are worried if your cell getting stained with it, then this is the protector for you.

5. Privacy Guard: These screen protectors are for you specially for you if you are into having sensitive stuff on your phones or just want to protect yourself from someone else around you reading your personal chat, then this is the one for you. This makes sure that anyone around you watching into your phone at an angle of more than 30 degrees.

6. Mirror: For all the girls out there who are always on the lookout for a mirror which is portable for them to carry, this is the perfect companion for you. In this you can apply the mirror screen protector and then the screen gets locked, the protector turns into a mirror in which you can check yourself out. Amazing right?

7. Ultra Clear: This is actually the same as Clear but it is much thinner and on applying this it easily mixes with the phone and seems as if it is a part of the phone itself. So you won’t even feel like it is on there.

These are the 7 main types of screen protectors for your cell phones which are available at your nearest store. If by some reason one of them is not available, you can always order it there or else find them online on or other similar shopping products. So choose wisely which screen guard you want and will suit your phone the best and keep your screen safe and scratch free all the time.