How to carrier unlock Samsung Galaxy S5


Getting your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked is a very easy task but only if your follow the correct instructions and procedure. Moreover you need to make sure that right way is adopted so that no harm is caused to the smart phone. Though there are many online tutorials on the internet which are available but not all of them are effective. Hence you need to make sure that information from trusted and reliable sources is picked. Here are those important instructions and procedure to carrier unlock Samsung Galaxy S5.

Get your unlock code from the internet

There are many websites on the internet which helps in providing the unlocking code for Samsung Galaxy S5. You can get unlock code from those websites. In order to search for such websites all you need to do is to seek help from your favorite search engine and loads of website options will be presented in front of you.

Get the IMEI code of your smart phone

Samsung Galaxy S5

The next step is to get IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy smart phone and for that you need to dial *#06# from your smart phone and the IMEI code will come on your screen. You need to note down this IMEI code somewhere. If you are not able to find IMEI code through this method then there is another way and that is to look at the sticker on the battery. There are complete chances that the IMEI code will be there and you can save it on a piece of paper.

In the meantime the unlocking code will be delivered at your email address

After getting the IMEI code you need to check your email address for unlocking code because by this time it will be delivered at your email address. You need to save this unlocking code somewhere so that you can utilize it later when the need arises.

How to enter the unlocking code and IMEI code?

The unlocking procedure is very simple as you need to switch ON your Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone and make sure that a non-accepted SIM card is entered into it. Now you must be wondering what exactly a non-accepted SIM card is. Well it is a SIM card which bought from a network provider which is other than the network from where you have bought your Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone.

After the phone is turned ON you will see an option coming a�?Enter unlock/subsidy codea�? or a�?SIM Network Unlock PINa�?.

At this point of time you need to enter the unlocking code that you received on your email address. After few second you will see a prompt saying that your phone is unlocked. You might be asked about IMEI code and you need to enter your IMEI code also so that the automatic registration process can be completed.

The main benefit if carrier unlocking your smart phone is that you can use it anywhere you want which means there is no carrier or network barrier and you can use it with any SIM card.