How to backup Whatsapp Data from Android and move it to iOS device


Whatsapp is considered as the most effective and popular communication tool across the globe. Every business intends to expand itself and one finds various methods to do so – among all this application has become a very important tool for business to spread across to customers from various corners of the world. In the earlier times you did not have such phones which could handle such applications but with the increment in the technology this has become possible and now you have every phone which is compatible to using the Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Messenger

The user changes the phones according to the advancement in the technology but along with this you also need to take your Whatsapp messages and chats – these messages or chats does not get transferred automatically they have to be done with the help of a software program.In the initial stage when you are transferring you phone to a new phone you are generally caught up how to get your messages to the new phone. Here are some simple steps for the same. Luckily it is not so hard or a daunting task as you think – you have to follow certain steps and you can get your messages without any memory loss to your new phone.

  • Create a backup of the entire messages and chats which you need to transfer to your new device or phone. You need to create this backup in the old phone. In order to do this you have to go to the setting menu of the Whatsapp and then tap on the chat settings and then on to the backup conversations. This is the first step – now follow the next.
  • You need to connect your smartphone with the help of a USB cable to the personal computer and then you will be able to navigate the entire internal memory of your smartphone – this essentially means that you shall be able to go through the Whatsapp data present in the old phone. the backup files are saved along with dates you choose. Transfer them on to the personal computer at an accessible location.
  • Now you need to install the Whatsapp in your new device. You just need to install it but do not start using the application.
  • Now connect the new handset with the personal computer since you have already downloaded the Whatsapp in the new device you can easily copy the messages on to the new phone.