How to get root access in Nokia XL : Making it ideal for Enthusiast


Just like the previously launched Nokia X family members, this new Nokia XL has also got the same rooting procedure. Rooting Nokia X family is just a piece of cake because it’s hybrid of Linux and Android with quit big loop holes. After rooting Nokia XL you will be able to install play store and other Google related applications on it.
Here we will provide you with the step by step guide for rooting your Nokia XL and it is 100% secure method. However Phone Lane isn’t responsible for any kind of damage taking place to your Smartphone during this process. You are responsible for anything wrong with your Smartphone software

Nokia XL

Please read the each step carefully and likewise follow it the way it’s prescribed. Here we go.


1. Keep your Nokia XL data backed up because during rooting there is maximum risk of losing your valuable data.

2. Keep your Smartphone battery charged above 80% to ensure safe rooting.

3. Enable USB debugging in settings of your Nokia XL.

Download Requirements:

1. Framaroot 1.9.1.

2. Nokia X-G apps

3. Root explorer.


1. As you have already downloaded Framaroot, now install it on your Smartphone and navigate ‘’install super su’’ and then tap on “Gandalf” option.

2. Your screen should prompt a message showing super user and su binary launched successfully. Now you are almost done with rooting, all you need to do is just reboot your device.

Congrats: your Nokia XL rooting is complete but still you can’t run Google play until you perform the actions given below.

For running play store on your Nokia XL follow these steps:

I) Simply extract Nokia X-G apps in your Smartphone and install Root explorer and enable root excess to it.

ii) Copy the already extracted files into system> app folder and provide it with both read and write function for owner

iii) Press ok and reboot your device. Now Google play store will run on your Nokia XL flawlessly.