How to get a Refund from Google Play Store : We make sure you get it right


Google Play being the world largest App store for the worlda��s most favourite Smartphone operating System Android has got everything within it. Google always keeps upgrading it to make it more user friendly and easy interface for a user to interact with. Every possible measure is taken to make it more secure as well as stable for majority of Smartphonea��s.

However, so far the current version of Google Play is the most reliable and stable version for the Android users to enjoy the service. You can easily refund your money after purchasing any app from Google Play via a simple procedure which is as follows. You will need to contact the developer of that particular application you want to refund for and you can get their contact address on the detail section of that application.

Google Play Store Refund

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This process is to be done within two hours of time after purchase and more than 2 hours can cause you the loss of your money spent for purchasing that application.

Follow these steps to get your money back

  1. Launch your Google play application and then click on the play store logo, after that go into My apps section and tap on the application you want to refund. You will expectedly see the refund option on tapping, so click on it.
  2. If Refund option isna��t prompted then either your refunding time has gone over or the purchase you made is not refundable. After a second more than 2 hours of provided time, refund option will be replaced by uninstall option which will only uninstall the application without any refunding. So, be quick and precise in following the instructions.
  3. You should also remember that any application is refunded only once, so next time you install the application, you will not be refunded.
  4. You can refund the application from your PC also by visiting After entering the website, click on gear icon > My Orders.
  5. Move your pointer on the application you want refund for and click on the menu icon which will be prompted before you. Click on Report a problem > Refund > Submit.
  6. Thata��s it, your application will get refunded successfully and ita��s up to you that whether you want to do the process on your Smartphone or your PC. Both the methods are official from Google and the refunding services is safe and secure to use.