General Steps of Installing Kodi App on iOS


KODI app is one of the essential app that you must have in this latest technological world. This is a media player which can be installed in various plugins such as YouTube plug-in, Pandora etc. for it to function. This is one of the simplest applications to install in your iOS. This app will make you use your iPhone more than you ever did. The iOS is a very powerful operating system and therefore it is compatible with this application. All you have to do is to follow the below steps carefully for you to install this application .Kodi was previously known as the XBMC app. This steps only apply when you Ios is jail broken. Here is the guideline in installing KODI in your IOS.


Kodi App for all your Entertainment needs
  1.  Step 1: Jailbreak your IPhone, iPad or iPod.
    This is where you remove the apple restrictions on the IOS device. As the term sounds this process violates the terms and conditions of the apples company. If your iOS still has the some restrictions then you have to jail break it .This is actually the first step .Check whether the iOS is jail-broken and if not then jail break it.
  2. Launch the Cyndia App.
    In the screen of your iOS you will tap the Cyndia Icon to launch it and run.
  3. Tap On the sources.
    ON the tab bar you will have to tap on the sources icon.
  4. Tap Edit.
    After tapping the Sources you will then go directly to edit thane tap ADD.
  5. Type the URL in the add section.
    In the add section you will have to type the URL link to the Kodi app. i.e. http// These will allow the Cyndia to start downloading the packages of the Kodi From the sources of the URL. After this you will have to return directly to the Cyndia.
  6. Tap Team Kodi.
    In the sources tap you will have to tap on the team Kodi .This ensure that your files is completely downloaded.
  7. Go to the Multimedia.
    The multimedia section is where you’re the downloaded files on the KODI IOS is stored. Therefore you will have to tap the Kodi-IOS then install. After this go back to Cyndia by pressing the Return to Cyndia button. You need to give it sometime for the installation to be complete.
  8.  Launch the Kodi App.
    Go to the screen menu where you will find the Kodi app icon. Tap on the icon in order to launch it. N/B the first launching of the Icon might take quite some time so give it time to launch. Your installation is now complete and ready for use.

That is how simple it is to install the Kodi app which comes with a lot of benefits including making your phone be very interactive and more useful. You can now install various plugins such as you tube, Hulu Pandora etc. that will enable you watch various movies, Tv series and listen to your favorite songs.