Find your lost or stolen android phone even if you forget to setup tracker


Tracker on a mobile phone was launched by Samsung and this proved to be the great success and every phone of Samsung was provided with track on your phone facility and proved to be very successful. Android does not provide with track my phone feature so you will not be provided with the official way to track your phone if you accidentally lose it. You may download some apps from Google play store to set up the tracker for your phone but what if you dona��t have such apps?

Do not worry there is another plan to secure your phone even after losing it, but this setup will work only with the phone running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or lower. If you still have a device running on Gingerbread or lower these tips will be helpful for your tracking your phone.


You are privileged with the download of many apps on your Android phone but to work this app you need your Android version to be 2.3 Gingerbread or lower. So go to the Google play store and install the app and this app will be connected to the internet and configured with your Google account. After the app got configured then you can use this app for locating your phone.

You need to send a special SMS to your device and the app does the other work, by linking your device with the Google account and then by logging your Google account and then on Android Lost site and you can locate your device easily.

How to use Android Lost app:

Go to the Google play and install Android lost app from Play store, then after installing the app, open the Android Lost page on Google play and click on Install button and remotely install the app to your phone which has been lost. Once this setup got complete then you need to activate Android Lost without your phone and now you need to send SMS to your lost phone and make this app work. You can send SMS to another phone with the content provided a�?androidlost registera��.

In this way your phone will be registered on Android Lost with the Google account. This process has some drawback, your phone need to be on and also with the connection so if these possibilities match then you can open the Android Lost Website and sign in with your Google account.

Access the Controls page after logging into your account and this way you will be able to track your phone or control your phone with remote app. Registering your phone will require little time and when this process completes, you can request for the location and also you can activate a loud alarm on your phone and also your phone will start flashing if you have misplaced your phone nearby somewhere your known location.

Send messages on your lost phone will be sent back to the phone from which you have sent the SMS with the details of the location of your lost phone. Location can be viewed on Interactive Google Maps page. It may happen that your phone must be switched off or your phone may be wiped and this will lead to the problem in accessing your Google account. So if you have lost your phone and never set up a tracking app ahead of time then definitely Android Lost is the best solution.Take care to install this app in the root folder of your phone for it to work properly