Feature and Get UP Wise Discussion on LG G2 Vs LG G3


After the innovation of mobile phone; different brands are launching one after one upgraded version with attractive features. On the series of well known mobile manufacturing brand one of the best is LG. from the very beginning; this company is presenting different types of mobile phone with different types of special features. Their latest release was LG G2 and it has got quite positive response from the groups of gadget freaks. Now they are going to release one of the worlda��s best mobile phones; LG G3 which is has some special features more than the LG G2. Now the point is that what the basic differences between these two mobiles according to the get up and special features. If you want to learn special points about the LG G2 Vs LG G3 then take a look in the following and get details. LG G2 D802 Vs LG G3 D850 LG G2 Vs LG G3- Get Up: Before going to the other point of discussion leta��s discuss about the basic difference between these two mobiles and that is LG G2 Vs LG G3 get up.

  • First of all both of the mobile have plastic body. LG G2 simply looks like plastic but in this point LG G3 is getting something extra; faux-metallic construction. Due the presence of this special feature on this mobile; it does have a metal look which is very trendy.
  • Secondly; LG G3 is quite smarter than the previous one on the basis of size. Size and weight of LG G2 is 138.5X70.9X8.9 mm and 143 g whereas the same feature for LG G3 is 146.3X74.6X8.9mm and 149 g respectively. Specialty of the upcoming model is that it is slightly heavier and little bit thin with respect to the previous model.

LG G2 Vs LG G3- Feature: Now leta��s take a look LG G2 Vs LG G3 on the specialty on power, screen and camera.

  • If you choose LG G3 as per the screen feature then you will be more satisfied than the LG G2. Yes; LG G2 is containing 5.2 inch 1080 X 1920 IPS + LCD displays where as LG G3 is getting 5.5 inch 1440 X 2560 IPS + LCD displays.
  • As per the power feature; LG G2 contains 2.26 GHz quad-core snapdragon 800 processor including 2GB RAM. On the other hand; LG G3 is getting features like; 2.5Hz quad-core snapdragon 801 processor with same RAM.

So depending upon all these special discussion on LG G2 Vs LG G3; it is better to expect something latest technology from the upcoming mobile phone LG G3.