Dona��t you think Smart phones are affecting teenagersa�� social skills?


In last one decade more and more people have started buying smart phones especially teenagers. Though getting associated with advance technology is a nice thing but too much dependence on this can lead to bad results. These days most of the teenagers have completely boycotted their social life and most of the time they are bust with their smart phones. Some of them can be found listening to songs and some of them are hooked to social media and internet. Let us try to find more about all this and why is it important to control such habits.

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They are trying to cut off from the rest of the world

There are many teenagers who are so busy with their smart phones that they are trying to cut off themselves from the rest of the world. Gone are those days when children and teenagers use to play during evenings. Nowadays either they are busy playing games on their smart phones or chatting with their social media friends. Though it is not bad but excessive use of smart phones is hampering their overall growth because they are not able to get into any sort of physical exercise.

Current generation is called as silent generation

In fact the smart phone usage has reached to such a level where they are being called as silent generation. Teenagers are not replying to anybody and most of time they are too much immersed with their smart phones.

Adolescence is the time of life when you start interacting with other people and learn about various new things. However, with excessive use of smart phones and other hand held devices these kids are not able to get enough time for socializing. This is resulting into hampering of their overall growth and skills.

What all can be done to avoid this?

If you are also facing this problem then all you need to do is to ensure that your kid should not devote so much time with his or her smart phone. Try to talk with them and tell them to get into playful activities such as outdoor games and interact with friends and family members.

You can make outdoor activities more interesting by involving yourself with them. Take some time and go out with them.

Share all the pros and cons of modern day technology and also share about the health benefits of physical activities.

Hence with proper care and dedicated approach you can easily pursue them for new things and after some time they will be able to control their habit of using too much of smart phone.