How to connect a pen drive to your Smartphone?


In this era of technology it is now possible to connect a pen drive to your Smartphone. Earlier people use to only connect their smart phones to PC or Laptop for transferring files. But now with the help of some connectors available, the user is able to connect his phone to pen drive and transfer files.
With the help of the USB on the go cable adapter also known as USB OTG cable, you can connect your smart phone to pen drive. With the help of this cable you can also connect your smart phone to a gaming console and enjoy a better experience of gaming. USB OTG is available on all the retail stores and online stores and is not expensive. The price of this cable is between 10$ – 35$.

Jolla Phones

This USB OTG supports only selected Smart phones for connection to a pen drive. So, first check the list of smart phone which is compatible with this cable before buying. Different connectors are used for different phones for this purpose.

But in order to connect your smart phone with this cable you need to follow some important instructions. To connect a USB OTG cable, ita��s necessary that your Android Device is ROOTED first. Leta��s have a look at some of the steps which user needs to follow in order to connect his Smartphone.

Install Stick Mount app from Google play store

First of all you must install the Stick Mount app on your phone. This app will help you to access all the files on the pen drive.

Plug in the USB OTG safely

After downloading the app, connect the USB OTG safely to your Smartphone. After connecting the connector, plug in the pen drive to it.

Open the app and seek permission

Now open Stick Mount app and grant permission for having access on pen drive files. In future the app will never ask you for granting permission if you set this permanently by selecting a�?use by default for this USB devicea�? in the app settings.

Transfer files from your device or pen drive

Once you grant permission, you will have access to all the files on your device and pen drive. This will help you in copying and moving files from one destination to another.

In order to use this cable, ROOT your Android device, but make sure that it is done by an expert because you may lose the warranty of your smart phone if it is not done properly. You can also connect USB OTG cable to your smart phone if it is not rooted, on selected phones. You can use this cable on Nexus 5 even if it is not rooted by installing Nexus Media Importer application.