Chrome Beta browser, crash with 3 tabs on Canvas 2


Google Chrome is the best known web browser known so far providing smoother and easy to use user interface for Smartphone’s. It is serving the Android Smartphone’s since past two years. Chrome has got compatibility with all the latest plug-ins because it’s being checked and updated regularly. A lot of different versions of Google chrome have been updated so far to debug every little problem and the improvements are really working well. Chrome features some unique features in Smartphone’s which give it a rich browsing experience. Some of those unique features include hardware acceleration, page pre rendering, device orientation, geo location and many more amazing features. However, some claims have been noticed about chrome beta which articulates that instant crash of Chrome on opening multi tabs is being noticed. This crush was detected in Canvas 2 recently which is otherwise a good Smartphone. This might be because of a minor bug or due to missing libraries in your chrome beta, but there are some fixes available which you can try and check the improvement in your chrome beta.

Google Chrome Browser

1. You just need to delete the application completely from your Smartphone and install it from Play Store.Do this only after clearing cache through some cache cleaner and make sure proper space of RAM is available for chrome beta to run.

2. If this problem is due to missing libraries then you just need to use root explorer and extract /data/app/ anywhere on your SD card and then go to lib/armeabi_v7. Copy the libraries and paste them in /data/dat/ After this your Google chrome beat will work properly if missing libraries were causing the crash.

3. The last thing you can do is move back to the previous version of chrome which will be crash proof. Some of the people have also experienced fewer crashes after the new update so you can try that also and see if it works.

Actually the main problem is that chrome beta is an unfinished business. The word beta is used when there’s something more stable to arrive and it’s just temporary. Chrome browsers provides an immense browsing experience on PC, Google is trying to plant that experience in your Smartphone and provide you with the best crash free web browsing. So, you should use different range of web browsers till the most stable version of chrome arrives if the above remedies are not successful. Hope you find our solutions successful.