Camera features of upcoming Android L


After the thorough studies of Android L on the developer preview which was made available to Nexus owners during Google I/O 2014 has revealed some incredible camera changes coming home with Android L. Google has really working hard in developing the camera features for this new OS. A lot of changes have been made in its interface and way of functioning. This is being called as camera 2 API and will deliver the sensation of authentic photography. The Camera 2 API is said to increase the functioning of Android camera drastically.

Android L

One of its most essential features is that it can take the photo at full resolution in the same period of time according to the capability of hardware. Only hardware limitations can stop this performance from being the best every so developers will fork the application according to their way. Its latest features include Burst mode, negative format of photo just like in digital photography, HDR+ will also be unleashed in this. A bunch of more features has been alleged in this update which includes Exposure time, tone map curve, metering regions, crop region, AE / AF / AW mode, video stabilization, capture intent, flash trigger, colour correction matrix, ISO sensitivity, target FPS range and a lot more. These are the most genuinely alleged features believed to come with Android L.

Recently camera application of Kit Kat operating system was also updated. As you know horizontal and vertical panorama modes are already present in your camera stock app, besides these two more panorama modes were also updated which are fisheye mode and wide angle mode. Along with these two, another update has also been made which lets you to take pictures in 16:9 ratios and a timer with options of 10 seconds and 3 seconds. Just like Ita��s being said that the most major update of Android is going to be Android L, we believe that the camera features are going to get mostly updated. On the other hand this vast amount of featuring is an asset but it may cause some problems to low enda��s and ita��s a known fact that experiments start with bugs. So we need to precursor every possible effort to make landing of Android L with its huge store of features safely.

Yes surely Android L camera update motive is to provide you with the digital photography at your fingertips. A good example of digital photography Smartphone can be seen as Gionee E Life E7 which had a diverse range of features for photography. However, Google doesn’t need any example because they are the best Smartphone and Software develops at present. Leta��s hope for the best in future.