Best third party app store for Nokia X, X+, XL


One of the best things about smart phones is that you can download latest apps and then enjoy them on your smart phone. There are many health related apps that can be downloaded or you can also download games. There are apps that are related to news, weather, books and many more such activities.

The same is the case with Nokia X which is recently launched Android based smart phone launched by the Nokia. However the only drawback is that it cannot be connected to Google Play Store. Hence you need to look for third party app stores for downloading your favorite apps. Here are some of those options that can be tried explained in detail.

The first option is to download apps from Nokia Store

Though Nokia Store is not that much popular but still it has got many different types of apps that are perfect for Nokia X users. There are many free apps also available and there are few which are paid. The downloading procedure is also very easy and the user interface is also quite user friendly.

Try some third party app stores

One of the best third party app stores is called as Yandex. This third party app store is considered as one of the biggest third party app stores in Russia.

Nokia X+

You can also root the device and then install Google Play apps

This is also another unique way of doing things. For this you need to root your Nokia X device and then install Google Play Store. The entire internet is filled with tutorials on rooting procedure. But if you are not able to do the same then you can contact a person who is technically sound and can guide you with the root and installation procedure. But you need to make sure that the important data inside the phone is backed up before root procedure so that the important information does not get lost.

Try the Amazon app store

Though Amazon app store offers less apps and games but these are sufficient to satisfy a normal human. You can easily download apps and games by connecting to the internet.

You can also try downloading apps from Slide ME and F-Droid

Both of these are acting as strong contender to Android Google Play and are considered as one of the best third party app stores. The slide ME also supports PayPal which means if you want to download paid games and apps then you need to create an account with PayPal which is very easy and simple.

Most of the apps on F-Droid are free and the best part about apps and games from F-Droid is that there are absolutely no ads or tracking which is being done. It means you can enjoy your games or apps in a smooth manner without those popping ads.

All of the above mentioned app stores are considered as one of the best third part app stores for Nokia X and you can try any of them as per your wish.