Best Smartphone buying guide April 2014


In the last few years Smartphonea��s are being developed at a tremendous rate .All electronic manufacturing companies are developing Smartphonea��s. Even TV, washing machine manufacturers has started developing Smartphonea��s because of its high end profit margin. In a market which is highly competetive on needs to be alert while buying a smartphone cause many offer the best rates but do they offer the feature we search for in a phone. We need to be very alert in choosing a best Smartphone. Even if your budget is tight still you need to take a thorough look at the nearby choices so that you didna��t fall into loop hole of budget trap. Once you got stuck into it, you will get a big screen Smartphone but you will compromise to its other features till the itch for a new phone starts all over again. Thata��s why phone Lane has designed Best Smartphone Guide for April 2014.This will surely help you in choosing best Smartphone. In last year 2013 we saw Smartphone industries flourishing and at the entry of 2014 the Smartphone development market is at its peak even though ita��s only 4th month of 2014 developments like windows 8.1 is out, Nokia forked android is out, etc.

Phone Lane Guide

When choosing a Smartphone for you, patience is must. Dona��t ever fall into the trap of big screen or small price, big screen doesna��t mean high pixel density or high screen resolution, look for other features mostly above 1GB RAM, ita��s the most important factor and we recommend you to never compromise for this factor, if u did once, you are surely going to suffer a lot. If we take a look there is Moto G available currently in market at a price of Rs: 12499. Ita��s the best option for low budget phone to go for because it has got that 1GB RAM and other features offered by mid range phones . For Richie rich’s there are big margin Smartphone available like Iphone 5, Samsung galaxy Note 3, etc.

Phone Lane has declared 2014 as the age of Smartphonea��s.

We will comprehensively take you through the factors which are worth taking a glance while choosing a Smartphone:

1) Display (Always watch Quality): Screen factor is the trickiest factor to look at. You might have noticed even those Rs: 3000 Smartphone have got above 4 inch screen size but this doesna��t mean they have the best display. Besides looking for size of display ita��s most essential to look for pixel density of display. Leta��s take a look at the pixel density of few Smartphonea��s. HTC one with the highest pixel density of 468 ppi, ita��s almost twice the pixel density of iphone 5.Galaxy Note II with pixel density of 267 ppi which is quite good but not the best. This means that we have to choose cautiously that whether pixel density of our display is poor, average, good or the best. I you are choosing low budget phone you can go for the average or good pixel density. Moto G is offering average pixel density of 329 ppi.

2) Processor (Carry lightning fast Speed): It decides the swiftness of you phone. The better the processor more will be the efficiency of a Smartphone to open various applications and play games smoothly. Today the most leading processor is Qualcomma��s snapdragon 800 which works very smoothly and is used in high end phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Nokia 1520.Its lower versions like snapdragon 600 also works quite good present in HTC one and the oldest version snapdragon 400 works fair but conflicts with the smooth running of applications. The main difference between iphone 5s and iphone 5c also lies in their processor, iphone 5s houses A7 chip which works twice efficiently than iphone5c A6 chip. So the processor should be high speed and latest one to get better Smartphone experience.

3) RAM (Be efficient): As discussed RAM also plays the most essential role in performance of your Smartphone. The high end Smartphonea��s today offer 2 to 3GB RAM for better multitasking and installation of applications. The best quality low end devices use 1-1.2 GB RAM thata��s quite fair .But buying a 512 MB RAM will slow thinks down for you due to limited space amount of

application that can be run simultaneously will also come down drastically . Ita��s because every time you will try to load your favourite applications, your phone will run out of RAM. So, ita��s recommended to choose at least 1 GB RAM

4) OS (Personalise your own style): You should always choose the OS you would love to work with, the one will makes you feel comfortable. In the current market Apple OS, Android OS and Windows OS are the mainly used operating systems. All of these support millions of applications and all of these are easy to use, user friendly, it depends upon user which OS suits with his daily activities. Obviously Apple provides every application in its best quality possible and ita��s the best choice but Android and Windows Os are not far behind their quality of interface and application support is also high and is still improving .So, ita��s upon user and we cana��t recommend any one because all are best at their level.

5) Storage (Never loose your stuff): This feature doesna��t affect your phones performance too much but if storage capacity is high you will never run out of memory .There are sd cards supported by Smartphonea��s so we dona��t need to worry too much about internal storage of phone. If you are out of budget you still should choose Smartphone between 8-16 GB internal memory but if you are buying a high end Smartphone you should simply go for 32GB internal storage. Because getting a high end phone and compromising for internal storage isna��t fair.

6) Battery (Always be active and ready): Whether buying a low end Smartphone or high end Smartphone battery can create a lot of trouble. Always select Smartphone with above 2000mAh battery life. If going for a high end Smartphone choose 3000mAh and above Eg. Galaxy s4 has got 2600mAh battery and gives only 6 hours of backup because ita��s a high end device and needs much more power. On the other side LG G2 has got3000mAh battery which is nice for such an efficient, high end device.

Our best Smartphone buying guide April 2014 will help you a lot in choosing best Smartphone and always choose a Smartphone with features between our recommended values or above them. Never settle for less it makes you suffer.