Best Privacy app for android phone


In todaya��s era of technology with increasing sophistication our concern for privacy is degrading mostly in case of Smartphonea��s which are being dumped and exchanged like cash money. In this universe of gadgets, Smartphonea��s are floating like raw notes and more appropriately just like a unit of money like dollar accordingly with the price of Smartphone. Also Smartphonea��s are becoming the easiest prey for hunters due to their high price and easy to handle specifications for a thief, the Smartphone robberies are expanding drastically.

Android Privacy Lock

So there is obligatory to have something which is highly private and can guard our Smartphone secrets just like a piece of cake. In case of Smartphone stealing issue Google has came out with some killer switch for Smartphonea��s now but what about the majority of users left behind with jelly bean and other versions of Android. Ita��s obvious they cana��t get so much security as being added in higher versions, her is a need of highly personalized and the application which can store stuff like photos, videos and rest of other things we want to keep private. So for this we have recommended an application known as Privacy Manager. It just the application you are in need and got every thinkable privacy feature built in it. It give you freedom to keep your photos, videos, applications, contacts and many other things private.

Besides this it has also got call block feature, and can even block messages. So that you dona��t have to receive unwanted calls and read messages which are of no use. Most interestingly it can give you a fake call at the time you want means when you are in worse situations and want to get out of it. For keeping all your passwords secured too, it has got a Password Manager also. The application user interface is very nice and smooth mostly easy to use. Using this application will surely not run you into mess of searching desired documents because ita��s directorial way of keeping your documents gives it highly special and simple way of navigating files.

The free i.e. LITE version of this application lets you keep only 10 images and 1 contact private. In case you want its features full fledged, then you would have to buy it for $4.99 only. This money isn’t too much for the A class security provided by this application. This application is one of the best currently out in the market so if privacy is your main concern we suggest you to go for buying it rather than using minimalistic LITE version with just a few basic features.