Best Photo and Video app for your Apple iPhone



Instagram is one of the best and recommended app, if you are using the Apple phone because all your clicks and special moments can be shared with the help of Instagram to your favorite social networking site. Instagram is now used by 150 million customers and they love the features provided by Instagram. To capture your moment from your iPhone in very simple and convenient way you can take help of Instagram.

Instagram is provided with many inbuilt editing features which allow you with several superb custom effects which can be transformed in moment of arts and this creativity of yours can be shared among all with the help of social networking sites. You are provided with many custom designed filters making your simple click to masterpiece, Video recording feature with amazing cinematic stabilization, you can share unlimited videos and pictures and instant sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr etc. This app supports your iPhone with front and back camera and many more things to explore with your Instagram.

Download your gateway of sharing your masterpiece clicked and edited by iPhone and Instagram. Download Instagram from the link provided below and get it on your iPhone easily in just minutes.


The Apple iPhone is one of the best phones and everyone knows that this phone provides with best apps in the App store. One of the best apps is Snapchat which is really amazing app which allows you to share with your friends. Now snap a photo or video you like and you can add a caption to that picture and share it with your friend and most amazing feature of this app is the shared photo will disappear from the screen, so to save that send the picture you need to take a screenshot.

Picture quality is of less resolution for faster communication between friends and you can send some fleeting messages which remind us of precious moment to stay in touch. All you need to take care of the recipient can save your messages or picture send on their phone. So it is the simple and best way to get communicate with your friends and interest for chatting is maintained among friends.

Download this fantastic app for your iPhone from the iTunes or from searching at Google or you can just have a look at the link provided below and get this app instantly on your phone. So do not wait much for this app to get it now.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Apple phone has best camera function in the class so you can click many fine pictures and also you can do more with your pictures and create a masterpiece. With the help of Adobe Photoshop Express you can click, edit, share and smile your pictures all the Photo magic at your fingertips. Adobe Photoshop is the best app for the editing, which makes your editing so fast, fun and superb.

Adobe Photoshop Express provides you with basic feature of crop, rotate, straightens your photos and also you can fix the borders of your picture for the best fit and there are 15 borders and frames to choose with it. Auto-fix function allows you with white balance, contrast and brightness. There are many other features provided with this Adobe Photoshop Express. Share all your edited pictures via famous social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and more.

Download this app from the App store on your iPhone, search and download it from the Google. Either you can download it from the link provided below and start your editing soon from your iPhone.


Apple phone is well-known for its touch and for the camera clarity. Click made from Apple phone is crystal clear and seems very bright and to enhance your iPhone’s camera strength you need to install one app named as Camera+ which will enhance your photo by 25%. Your iPhone camera is same like of digital camera and with the help of this app you can make your phone as high-quality SLR lens. So this app is the best replacement against the default camera app provided by Apple and transform your normal phone to an SLR camera.

Many features to explore like to touch exposure and focus which is the most important aspect of the phone, shooting modes like stabilizer which makes your phone to be the sharpest by clicking steady pictures and many modes like scenes, action and burst mode. You can also make use of zoom on your phone for having a closer look of the picture. Amazing feature is of front flash now you can click your photo in a dark room as you are provided with flash facility.

Overall this app is amazing so definitely you should download this one for your iPhone and start exploring more out of your iPhone. To download this app all you need to do is just click on the link provided below and download as soon as possible.

Camera Awesome

Click memories and share your memories with the help of this app named Camera Awesome. You can just do more with your normal camera provided by Apple. Using this app will turn your camera something more advanced than you have imagined and so only this app is downloaded by more than 10 million people and is awarded as #1 app for photography in many countries and #1 app in 10 countries. Now with this app you will definitely feel that your phone has turned from camera phone to phone camera.

Use this app to trick your close ones thinking you have been photographed by some well-known photographer, Camera Awesome helps you to click faster, sharper and brighter image same like of professional photography and you can add some effects to enhance the beauty of photos. You can share your masterpiece conveniently to your favorite social networking site, so get connected with your friends with something new.

Download this app from the Google or from App store but to download from there you need to search and then download, to avoid doing extra work you can just click to the link from below article and get this professional app.

Split Pic 2.0

You must have come into contact with many apps which provides with many editing features and many camera enhancing features in it but I am quite sure that you would have never encountered this app before as this app provides you with more features and you can now divide your camera in several sections and this will allow you to take some amazing shots and you can blend this picture to make one or series of the photos. Click one picture and blends all pictures into one to make something unnatural. You can adjust the layout and then adjust the border to create your masterpiece. The basic feature of zooming, panning and other features are also available. Create your own comic story, clone your friends and also clone yourself with built in timer. Try adjusting your head with another body or with the animal’s body and also you can melt your face to see how you would have been looking when you were a kid. Really this app is amazing and all I can say, this app is must download app for your iPhone, iTouch or other Apple devices.

Get this app easily at a click and get it downloaded on your Apple device, follow the link below and this will make your work easier. Go get it now.


Snapseed was the best mobile photo app of 2012 and was the best iPad app of the year and achieving awards means definitely this app must be impressive, Snapseed is basic and easy app which you can make use of everyday. You can turn your simple photograph into some extraordinary picture and editing is very fun with this app and also it produces high-quality photo experience. The app is also powered with an inbuilt Google+ feature which makes this phone much more powerful as you can click, edit and share instantly with the help of this app.

Auto-correct feature, sharing feature, selective adjust feature provides you to have some amazing click and you can experiment your picture with Retrolux, Grunge, Tilt-Shift, Drama and Vintage filters. Many focus adjustments to get clear pictures and each of the filters is very impressive to work with.

Download this app from the App store as overall this app is amazing so definitely you should download this one for your iPhone and start exploring more out of your iPhone. To download this app all you need to do is just click on the link provided below and download as soon as possible.

Picture Effect Magic

The Picture Effect Magic app provides a wide selection of high-quality effect of photography, Interface of this app is so simple that you can just click one button and your change in mode is done and there are many frames which you can use to put your picture in it like frame of flowers and butterflies etc. You are provided with unlimited use of effect mode like you can make use of Comic, Mirror, Swirl, Neon light, Pencil Paint, Sepia, Solarize, Oil painting and many more to explore.

Wide color management like RGB, HSL, HSV, YUV, CMYK format and other adjustment like brightness, rotation and some quick adjustments. So what after creating pictures? You can send your picture easily on social networking site and share your creativity with your friends. You can also mix one effect with other effects to morph in some different kind of photo and this feature makes this app quite popular.

Get this amazing app on to your Apple device by searching it on Google or you can simply have a look at the link provided below and download this app on your Apple device in just a minute after a click. So download easily here.


You must have encountered with this app as this is the most popular app on Apple devices. The app provides amazing editing feature which only Adobe Photoshop users make use of, you can create a stamp of your face, stick your face on cups, billboard and your favorite place. You can turn yourself into an art of the Mona Lisa painting or become a body builder easy. Overall there are more than 300 scenes to play with and you do not make use of any editing features, photo is being searched by the app itself and fix your photo in proper place.

As with the growing popularity this app has been transformed very much from the previous version and the latest version has some quick access to all the recent and popular effects and also there are many effective examples in the new version. You can pick Facebook pictures for editing and also you can share all your edited photo via Facebook and Twitter.

Get this most popular app here from the link provided below article and get it downloaded instantly on your Apple device.

InstaEffect FX

If you need to have some stunning, colorful and magical photos then you should definitely have a look at the feature of this app. InstaEffect FX is amazing app which provides you with many editing features so that you can create any artistic masterpiece for yourself and share it with your friends.

Features which are involved in this app are more than 65 free photo effects and filters to use. Easy adjustment of photo opacity and brightness and easy to move, rotate, scale and flip your creativity with the help of this app. Now share your pictures with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and you can create and save images in high resolution.

Download this app from the link below, which will direct you to the official site of the app and there you can just click on the install button and you will get this app downloaded instantly.


If you are more likely to watch videos on your phone too, than your Apple phone is provided by You Tube so that you can watch movie, videos on your Apple phone or device itself. With the help of YouTube you can learn everything by watching the videos, like there are many tutorials for learning the work of DJ or to become a Kung-Fu master and so on, so learn from the videos provided and also you can share all your stuff with friends.

Every day there are many videos which are being uploaded on YouTube so you can learn and enjoy, you can upload your video on YouTube and become star in your friends circle. Search has been improved a lot in You Tube’s new version so you can get your suggestions regarding search video instantly. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels and can access playlists to watch videos according to your sequence. Also now share all the videos you like to social networking site and Google+ or you can E-mail it to your friends. YouTube is growing big as it is acquiring a huge success and many users are now getting enrolled with this app so get this app on your phone too.

Download You Tube’s new version of app from the App store, if you are not able to view this app then no need to worry you can just click on the link and you will be directed to the proper site, where you can download this app easily on your Apple device.

Video Star

If you like creating your own videos then you are at the right pace, have a look to the Video Star app available for your Apple device and with this app you can make much of it. Video Star will give you an opportunity to you and your friends to be a star of music. Video star is an app which provides you with a number of built-in effects to create and edit your own video. After creating a video you need to add Power Packs which are available with this app and make your video awesome.

You are provided with the feature of pause a video and insert some other scenes and resume your video and make your video a masterpiece. Now select a song of your favorites and start shooting and blend both to create an awesome video of your own and upload it to social networking site to become Video star. As You Tube feature is built-in so you can upload your video to this site also. So create your video and share your creativity easily.

Get this app from the App store on your Apple device or you can just click on the link which is provided just below the article and get it instantly on your Apple device.


You must have encountered some pictures rolling while video is playing, that is done with the help of some app and the name of that app is Splice. If you need to combine HD photos and videos in simple way then you can make use of Splice. With the help of this app you are able to add music tracks from your Apple device’s library and also try out with sound effects, borders, transition and your own voice and more to that video.

Splice app has won many awards as top apps of 2010 and for video editor of this Splice you need to pay subscription fees. New version of Splice will allow you with HD support, sound fx, slow motions, custom video trimmer, borders, multiple audio tracks and more features to explore in this app. You can start and end your video editing on your Apple device itself as the interface and editing is very simple in this app. Splice is most advanced and powerful and portable video editor application in the market which allows you to get total control on all the editing features if you have super imagination.

Download this app from the below article and get this editor on your Apple phone and start creating your own movie and advertisements. Download today and start becoming famous.

Glide – Video Texting

Glide is very important and fun app as it allows users to send private video message to one or many groups. Sending video message has been made easy by this app and you can send in just a fraction of seconds and that too free.

Feature of this app is as follows: now you can send videos faster than of normal message or instant messages. Video message is sent instantly as there is no need to upload or download. Video chat is also easier with the help of this app as you do not need to make sure that your friends are available to chat, even if they are offline, they will get your message to get connected. You can create groups for chatting and you can send unlimited text, pictures and videos in groups. Now say more with the help of this app, all the messages stored to cloud server and you can watch videos repeatedly.

Get this app downloaded from iTunes or App store on your Apple device but you need to search this app and the download of this app there so to avoid this you can just click to the link which is available below and get it on your phone directly.

Qik Video

If you are more into video chat or if you need more than just a text message to communicate then you should definitely have a look to this app which allows you to communicate with video messages and unlimited video storage. You are provided with high resolution video calling app which you can make use with mobile network or Wi-Fi. Now you can chat between Android and iPhone and can send unlimited video and text in between.

You can also view all the videos shared by your friends and when you can’t talk live with your friends then you can receive video mail. You are provided with auto update in contacts as they install this app on your Apple device. Using this app is very easy as it is provided with editing tools and also provides you with Zoom feature while recording and while making Video Chat. Now you can edit your video chat by making use of 13 real-time effects and also you can sync your video to the desktop.

Get this app and make your messages, video chats and video mail fun with this app. You will enjoy at your fullest after downloading this app. To download this app you need to search in App store or you can simply download from the link provided below and get this app instantly on your phone.

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video maker is another effective app which makes use of your camera and turn into a magic box. The app is very popular as the download is reaching over 1 million downloads. Now you can make use of camera clicks into high quality and beautiful videos. You can also choose music and pictures and share your incredible videos with all. The Animoto Video maker will help you to choose with 40 various video styles so you can send different videos each time. As you have a huge collection of music library to select from and can add captions, edit and trim your videos.

Now share your creativity with all the people with whom you are connected with via social networking site like Facebook and Twitter or you can share via text or email too. So overall this app is really impressive and helps you with simple editing and creating superb videos.

Get this app instantly by clicking on the link provided below or you can go through the app store of your Apple device and search there for this app. To avoid wasting time you should get through this link and download this app on your Apple device.