Battery drain fast while using Google Play on Sony Xperia Z1


Unfortunately, the Z range of Sony Xperia devices especially Sony Xperia Z1 is facing very tough time in providing better battery backup, when it comes to usage of Google Play services. Many users of this otherwise great Smartphone have quoted the problem in Sony official blog most specifically stating that Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat OS running Sony Xperia Z1 is suffering severe battery drainage. This problem has come into notice of Sony and Sony has investigated the whole problem. According to them the whole issue with Google Play services is due to the latest update of Google Play services4.4.52. Sony told the users that this problem is likely to get solved after Google will release next update of their services, the problem will get fixed. So far for the devices that have already got affected due to this new version are said to stay patient and perform these work around given below to get over the issue effectively.

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

All the Xperia Z1 users who have updated their Google Play services are being suggested by Sony to perform these drills on their Smartphone to minimise the battery drainage effect of this sever issue and stay updated to Sony official blogs for the news related to problem resolving.

1. Users are directed to uninstall the latest update of Google Play services. Doing this is expected to stop usage of few applications like YouTube which are linked Google services.

2. Stop ads from Google by going through following settings.

Settings > Google account > Ads > and click the tick box showing Opt out of internet based ads.

3. As your Google account keeps your data backed up always, stop that feature.

Settings > Backup and reset > and uncheck the backup my data option.

4. For some of the Sony Xperia devices, installation option of Google Play services might be restricted, for that disable Android device Manager via following path.

Settings > Security > Device Administrators > and click on Disable Android Device Manager.

5. If your Google Play store is set to automatic updates, turn that off as well because Google Play services can get updated automatically via Google Play store.

These precautionary steps will hopefully reduce your battery drainage problem but according to reports, battery drainage isna��t the only problem evolved in these Smartphonea��s there are few other problem also. So the unaffected users should keep their Smartphonea��s away from updates till the issues are resolved to stay at the safer side. The other worse problems are that some Xperia Smartphonea��s are facing issues with their performance, getting automatically rebooted, getting heated up without any known reason. So, ita��s better to be outdated rather than getting updated never again.