Appe iPad Air vs iPad 4 who wins the war


This is the most brutal battle of devices ever done by us. The top two leading products of Apple Inc. will clash with one another in this battlefield and a winner will be judged by us. This war is going to be very interesting because both the devices are natives of same company and same origin. Ever minute detail will be highlighted here and ultimately the Ipad possessing best specifications will be decided as the winner.

Apple iPad Air vs iPad 4

1. Screen exploration:

Ipad Air and ipad 4 both encompass a huge 9.7inch IPS LCD display with resolution of 1536*2048pixels at pixel density of 264ppi protected by scratch resistant glass and oleo phobic coating. Same display has been provided by Apple Inc. to these ipad twins. Leta��s move on to scrutinize the main difference.

2. OS:

Ipad Air runs on ios 7 out of box upgradable to ios 7.1.1 and has been claimed to be upgraded to ios 8 in future.

Ipad 4 runs on ios 6 out of box but also upgradable to ios 7.1.1 and likewise to ios 8.

The battle is still going on in an equilibrium state.

This is the beauty of Apple Inc i.e. ios. Such a great similarity can be expected in Apple products only.

3. Swiftness of the Brain:

This is the most essential part of war which can make a great difference. Leta��s see what happens.

Ipad Air operates on Dual core Cyclone apple A7 processor clocked at a speed of 1.3GHz along with Quad core PowerVR G6430 graphics processing unit.

Ipad 4 on the other hand operates on dual core Apple A6 processor clocked at a speed of 1.4GHz along with Quad core PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics.

Both the ipads possess 1GB of RAM so the multitasking efficiency will be the same for both. However, therea��s just a slight difference of 0.1 GHz in processing speed between the two ipada��s. This wona��t make a big difference but we are counting minute details also so it has credited a point in favour of ipad 4.

4. Data Accumulation Capacity:

Ipad Air as well as Ipad 4 has got the same data storage capacity in same number of their variants respectively which include 16, 32, 64 and 128GB. Ita��s your choice and it depends upon your data needs. You can choose any of these variants leaving no room for a war.

5. Snapping Power:

It has left no space for clashes in this condition also. Both siblings have got 5MP camera with same features which include geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection. 1.2MP front shooters have also been fixed in both ipads so you can take any one of the two depending upon the design you love.

6. Run Time:

Hope, we get our winner here!

Ipad Air is entrenched with 8,820mAh Li-Po battery while as ipad 4 contain 11.560mAh Li-Po battery. There looks like great difference to examine. But still different battery life tests confirm that both have got the same battery life of 10-13 hours. So the winner is still so hard to be decided.

7. Network and Connectivity:

Therea��s not any difference seen in this class also because both are 4G enabled and both support Bluetooth 4.0 along with WLAN.

So, therea��s not a complete win of anyone because both the ipads are winners of global technology. Just a 0.1GHz difference cana��t make a winner. These still remain the mystery clones.