Angry Birds Go lags and stutters after updating windows phone 8.1


These days there are many people who have upgraded to Windows phone 8.1 and are facing issues while playing their favorite game that is Angry Birds Go. There is a lag that is experienced which prevents from playing a smooth game. Even Microsoft has also admitted that there is a problem. But you must be thinking what the solution to this problem is. Well let us try to find out what exactly this problem is and how one can rectify this issue by adapting to some measures.

Angry Birds Go game getting hanged while playing on the Window phone 8.1 based smart phone


The most common problem faced by the people is that the Angry Birds Go game getting hanged while playing on the Window phone 8.1 based smart phone. In fact as soon as the mobile operating system is upgraded this problem starts occurring.

Apart from Angry Birds Go there is one more app which is giving tough time to its users and that is Microsofta��s own app that is Skype. It really feels frustrating at times when the apps and games that you want to work does not work and gives you problems.

What is the solution to this problem?

In order to solve this lags or stutters issue you can try getting the RAM upgraded. For that you need contact the nearest Nokia dealer or Nokiaa��s authorized repair center. Chances are that the problem will be solved and you will be able to play your favourite Angry Birds Go game in a smooth and easy manner on your Windows 8.1 based smart phone.

If the RAM up-gradation option is not working then you can also opt for upgrading device drivers. You can re-install the graphic driver and there are chances that it will work. If you are not able to up-grade the graphic drivers yourself then you need to show your device to a professional who can help you in re-installation of the graphic drivers.

One more step that can be followed is to tap on the update and recovery option in the settings. If you are getting a prompt regarding some sort of updates then immediately get those updates and restart your smart phone or tablet. Chances are that you will be able to play Angry Birds Go in a smooth manner after these updates.

Apart from all the above mentioned solutions you can also search for different update that improves data files robustness and also recovers the phone from different crashes that might have happened while upgrading the phone to Windows phone 8.1 update.