What to do if android phone fails to connect to Wi-Fi


Android is the most common Smartphone operating system present in majority of the Smartphonea��s all over the world. Ita��s being formed by the developers according to their need in different ranges of Smartphonea��s. This vast diversity of Android has got the maximum certainty of having a minor bug issue which can also be major at time. The best illustration is Canvas Doodle 3 earlier released in 512MB RAM and then redesigned for 1GB RAM according to the need and suitable environment. This created a lot of problem because some people claimed that within 1GB boxes they are getting 512MB RAM Doodle 3. This happens when the quantity is vast. Wi-Fi connectivity issue is also a common problem claimed by many Android users. There are few fixes you can apply to set it right.

WiFi wireless connection

There are a variety of Wi-Fi connectivity issues in cases of Android phones. If you are getting failed authentication error message then you should try the following drill. Turn your Wi-Fi connection off and your mobile data connection on. Switch to airplane mode in your Smartphone and in the mean time turn on your Wi-Fi while you are in airplane mode. This is kind of hectic process but it sometimes solves the problems. If you are not getting available networks, check your router Wi-Fi is working in real or stopped via a different Wi-Fi enabled device. Sometimes even router has got the problem in connection, so just remove your router from the socket and plug in again and check whether it works or not. If this is the issue then your Wi-Fi should certainly work. One trickier Wi-Fi issue the constant obtaining of IP address message keeps prompting, in this case you should visit Google play store and install Wi-Fi Fix. If this also isna��t proving fruitful then you would manually have to use static IP address in your Smartphonea��s DHMPL settings. The following is the procedure for doing so.

Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wi-Fi settings > Menu > Advanced Settings > Use Static IP and you are there. Now you need to contact your network host where from you are receiving signal to give you details you need to fill out. Those are network IP address, Net mask, Gateway, DNS 1and 2. The phone setting procedure will be the same but there might be certain name changes in rest of the version of Android, which you need to understand based on this path and follow.

The problem of Wi-Fi connecting and disconnecting again is just virtual and occurs due to some user action. Most probably this problem occurs due to those power saving applications which keep manipulating your settings according to their desire. So you will need to uninstall that application and your problem will be solved for sure.

If all these fixes arena��t helping you then you have surely gone into some kind of bug which can be removed only by resenting your Smartphone completely. But before resenting your Smartphone keep your data backed up. After done your Smartphone will get over this Wi-Fi issue most likely. The any other issue existing after these fixes is a hardware issue which must be reported to nearest service centre.