5 best waterproof cases for iPad Air


With ever growing need of our iPad’s in every corner of life, water protection is the most essential issue and most essentially when we buy a 600$ iPad Air, we should be extremely cautious in providing it best protection against usual day drops, bumps and most essentially water. Water is the main killer of any electronic device no matter its developer is a bitten Apple. You definitely need a hard sturdy water protector to move your pretty costly iPad air in kitchen or at beaches. So considering your need of water resistant cases for your IPad Air, we have summed up 5 best cases available out there which are mostly affordable. Grab one out to keep your Air protected.

Apple iPad Air

1. Gumdrop Marine and Industry series: This marine series of iPad Air case costs around 149.95 USD which is a bit higher price but has got duo functionality giving best performance in both water resistance as well as toughness. It gets your iPad air completely produced by a double layer and at front a screen protector is present for maintaining touch sensitivity. It has been provided with the IPX6 rating after performing tests on it.

2. Dry CASE: This case is best suited for the beach parties where you would love to use your iPad air and play with water splashes. It’s simply a vacuum bag which seals your ipad air inside. It provides water resistance at the depth range of 100 feet. But you should also be aware that it doesn’t any rigidity protection against tough things. Just like its handy use, it comes with price tag of around 59.99 USD. So, you can grab one because of its beach and pool party benefits as well as its affordable price.

3. LokSAK aL OKSAK: This is another cheap but effective re-sealable bag for your iPad air. Besides providing protection from water up to 200feet of depth it can protect your iPad air against -40F temperature, dust, sand, etc. This amazing bag is available to you at an amazing price of just 11 USD. With this thin bag, you can get one more casing layer over it for extra protection, thanks to its sleeker size.

4. New Trent Gladius Air: It is a greatly featured iPad Air case which provides you protection against water; it is shock proof and very rigid. You can rotate it 360 to use you ipad in any comfortable angle you want. The building material of this case is hard polycarbonate and outer body is rubberised providing better shock protection. It is available to you at a price not more than its specification which is 49.95 USD which is comparatively fair to buy for protecting your 600USD iPad Air.

5. Otter Box Defender series: Otter box has being serving since a long time for protecting your I Pad. They have come up with this defender series which features water resistance, shock resistance, scratch protection, etc. The shock protection of this case is highly evolved in it due to its multi layered body saving your I Pad Air from accidental drops. It comes in variety of colours and gives best all-round protection. You can grab this at price tag of around 99 USD.