How to Root and Un-Root Your Samsung Galaxy J7


Launched in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy J7 is a mid-range phone developed specifically for the Asian markets. The phone features 1.5 GB RAM and Snapdragon 615 processor, with Android Lollipop v5.1. Since Samsung uses its own TouchWiz UI and comes with a lot of bloatware; it consumes a lot of space and RAM, making your phone slow and frustrating to use. One of the coolest things you can do is root your phone. Rooting your phone lets you get the most out of your phone. You can remove bloatware, install custom kernels, overclock the CPU, install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod; and customize your phone to your own taste.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Step – by – step guide to root and un-root your Samsung Galaxy  J7
Rooting the Phone

WARNING: Rooting your phone violates the terms and conditions of manufacturer warranty and can render the handset unusable.

Disclaimer: Rooting your phone will delete all user data in the internal memory. You should back up all your personal data, including files, contacts, messages, music and so forth. In addition, please save the EFS, IMEI numbers, NVRAM etc.

  1. A computer or a notebook running Windows with administrator access
  2. Odin3 Custom Flashing Tool
  3. TWRP
  4. Samsung Kies
  5. Super SU
Enable Developer Options

1. Go to Settings > About Phone 

android information

2. Tap the Build Number until you get the message “You’re now a developer”

3. Go back to Settings and choose Developer Options

4. In Developer Options, enable USB Debbuging and OEM Unlocking

Install Samsung Kies
  1. Install Samsung Kies on your PC
  2. Reboot the PC
  3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 with the USB cable to the computer to configure the driver
Transfer Super SU
  1. Connect your phone to the PC via the USB cable
  2. Copy the downloaded Super SU zip file to the phone’s internal or external memory
Install TWRP

1. Install and run Odin on the PC with Administrator rights


2. Click on AP and browse to the downloaded TWRP compressed image file

3. Turn on the phone

4. Press POWER + VOLUME DOWN + HOME button until the “Custom OS Warning Screen” shows on the screen

5. Press VOLUME UP button to Continue

6. It will show the “Downloading” Screen


7. In Odin, the ID:COM section will show the ID and COM Port connection to ensure that the device is properly connected.

8. Click the Start button on Odin

9. After a few minutes, Odin will show the “Pass” message


10. Exit Odin on the PC and disconnect the phone, the switch it on

Flash Super SU

1. Switch off the phone

2. Press the POWER + VOLUME UP + HOME button together, until it boots up to TeamWin screen

3. Do Swipe to Allow Modification

4. Tap on Install and browse to the SuperSU zip archive you transferred on the phone previously.

5. Swipe to Confirm Flash


6. Once the flashing process is done, you will get a message stating that the operation is successful

7. Tap on Reboot

To check whether your phone is rooted or not, go to the Google Play Store, install Root Checker and run it.

Un-Rooting the Phone

In case you do not like the root modifications, you can always go back to the stock ROM option that came with your Samsung Galaxy J7. To un-root the phone, simply follow the following steps:


As with the rooting process, you need the following things with you

  1. A computer or a notebook running Windows with Administrator access
  2. Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy J7
  3. Odin3 Custom Flashing Tool
  4. Samsung Kies
  1. Launch Odin3
  2. Click on AP and select the Stock ROM file
  3. Power down your Samsung Galaxy J7
  4. Restart the phone while holding POWER + VOLUME DOWN + HOME button simultaneously to get the “Custom OS Warning Screen”
  5. Go to “Download” screen by pressing VOLUME UP
  6. Connect the phone to a PC using the USB cable
  7. Click Start in Odin
  8. Once the process is finished, Odin shows the “Pass” message
  9. Reboot the phone to get the stock ROM.