10 things you should know about OnePlus 2


With the recent rise in the smartphone technological level the Chinese company unveils to you one of the most powerful smartphones. The Oneplus2 smartphone is one of the powerful smartphones with android technology. Have a wonderful experience Oneplus2 specifically tailored for you with its unique features in this world. It has got an android operating system that gives it its unique features. This is a device that you wona��t wait to hold in your hands due to its eye catching outer design and its unique features. Therefore before acquiring yourself this awe some phone the following are the features and things you need to know about it:

OnePlus 2

10 things you should know about OnePlus 2

1. Amazing display
This phone is equipped with a 5.5a�? inch LCD screen to give you a full HD view. The screen has got a spectrum of colors that will make your world awesome. The display is also designed in such a way that you can use it under the light because of its bright display and less reflective state. It also has a high contrast and better viewing angle just to give you an awesome display.

2. Improved Security
Ita��s also equipped with a fingerprint scanner. This feature will enable you to protect your documents and important information from unauthorized people.

3. High Connectivity
This is a dual sim with improved connectivity to any network. It allows you to connect with any bands that is the US GSM AND WCDMA Bands .It also equipped with LTE support which supports a lot of networks

4. Performance
The 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 810 quad core processor gives it an amazing performance and a rapid response when launching an application. Ita��s also equipped with a larger RAM space of 4GB for storage purposes.

5. Captivated Imaging
With the 13 MP rear and 5MP front cameras with large pixels you can capture sharp and clear images of your best moments. If you are a selfie addict this is the phone to own.

6. Type C USB
The technological levels have risen and with the upgrade of the USB port from micro USB port to type C this phone comes with this transformation. The phone comes with the USB cable connect to the Type C USB port.

OnePlus 2 Back Side

7. Perfect batteryA�life and Options
This phone has got its own Oxygen OS and no longer operates on Cyanogen OS .This is meant to improve the battery life and also enable you to you to use the phone for a longer time without charging it. Ita��s also equipped with a battery capacity of 3300 mAh.

8. Optative Navigation Keys
This Phone comes with functional keys which are back lit to help you navigate through the various features of the phone. The keys are also integrated with fingerprints.

9. Its design
The phone doesna��t have sleek design but the designs are awe some and one can feel proud of owning one. The designs are meant to have a wide range of colors from which you can chose.

10. Price
This phone comes with an adorable price ranging between $300 to $500.it deserves to be bought with this price because of its unique specs.

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