10 best things to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and edge


Samsung, the present world leader in the production of high end as well as low budget Smartphonea��s has recently unveiled their two new beasts expected to be incarnated soon. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well as Galaxy Note Edge are approaching with tremendously improved and upgraded features to expand the ever famous Note series of Samsung Mobilea��s. However the basic speciality of Note Edge lies in its first ever metallic body build and curved edge screen from Samsung. The basic hardware configuration including RAM, processor, and camera are almost identical in both Smartphonea��s. So, here we are going to put light on the best things possessed by both the Smartphonea��s which makes the difference.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Edge

1. Build Quality and Design: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 just like its older variants have a durable plastic and exclusive this premium build design is finished by surrounding the Smartphone with metal rim. Its delicate finishing feels soothing in hands. However, Samsung has introduced for the first time, a metallic body for their latest flagship Galaxy Note Edge launched simultaneously with Note 4. However it is expected to be a bulky phablet because of its all metallic body. However the body finish is truly royally.

2. Display Quality:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 5.7inches super AMOLED display with resolution of 1440*2560pixels and pixel density of 515ppi.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: 5.6inches super AMOLED display with resolution of 1600*2560pixels and pixel density of 524ppi.

Taking a look above ita��s clearly seen that both the Smartphonea��s possess exceptionally high display resolution and pixel density. These premium quality displays have definitely got the spark to show the true colours of technology. This range of display clarity is highly appreciable.

3. Operating System: The more upgraded the operating system, the smoother will be the performance and more newer features. As expected both Smartphonea��s are launched with latest Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS.

4. Processing capability: This quality strictly depends upon the sort of processors used. These two Smartphonea��s are housed with the most upgraded Quad core Snapdragon 805 chipset clocked at 2.7GHz. This processing speed is really great to achieve and it will tremendously influence on the whole processing environment of the Smartphonea��s.

5. Vast storage Capacity: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is equipped with 32GB internal storage expandable to 128GB. However, Note Edge features 2 storage variants 32GB and 64GB both upgradable to 128GB. So, there is no issue about storage and it just depends upon the need of user.

6. Great application support: These Smartphonea��s can run vast number of applications simultaneously with great multi tasking because of their 3GB of RAM. Even a good count of heavy applications and games can be enjoyed simultaneously with ease. The exceptional processing configuration will obviously add more to this feature.

7. Upgraded Camera features: Few upgraded features are seen in their 16MP primary camera. These features are dual shot, optical image stabilization, face/smile detection, etc. However 3.7MP front shooter is available in both the cases.

8. Vast range of sensors than ever: This is the most exciting stuff seen so far. These Smart-phone are implanted with a great range of sensors which may be listed as accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, gesture, UV, heart rate and SpO2. Directly aimed by Samsung towards the health conscious world.

9. Excellent battery backup:

Galaxy Note 4: 3220mah battery

Galaxy Note Edge: 3000mAh battery

Both the Smartphonea��s are packed with a great powered battery which can easily give a good day of work without worries about charging. However official readings are yet to be declared.

10. Accessorial features: These Smartphonea��s besides this high standard configuration possess few innovative and essential features too. These are Air gestures, S Pen Stylus, fingerprint sensor, ANT+ support, etc. The detailed highlights are these Smartphonea��s clearly promotes the idea that pace of Samsung towards growing technology is sky crapping.