ZTE predicts double profits for 2014: Good days ahead


ZTE is back in news! This time the company is rolling on front page with eye-catching headlines. According to the opening result, it is predicted that company will double the 94.2% from 2013, with an operating income of around 8.6-billion. This financial result were announced by ZTE in year 2014, after its positive feedback in terms of financial guidance and expectations.ZTE is well-established company as telecommunication provider.


ZTEa��s Net profit is expected to be touching $425-million-USD compared to $207-million USD in year 2013. Also the unaudited results from ZTE suggests that there is rise by 8% in full-year. The rise will start from 8% which might earn around $13.0 billion compared to the result of last year. Due to ZTEa��s high struggle under different zone, today the company have improved its profit margin in good direction. The Profit Margin is aiming high and high with its foreign exchange and profitability contract.The Company will soon be revealing its future plans with FDD-LTE and 4G-LTE. They will also be stepping in few other Smartphone operations which will be soon revealed or during its annual announcement on March 25th.

The Company with this LTE operation is working parallel on a�?Blade S6a��. Few days past a leak on Blade S6 also create a buzz. According to the sources, the Blade S6 looks very much similar like iPhone6. The Smartphone will be launched on companya��s new pillar pointing to a�?Dynamic youth and enthralling usera��!