Yahoo adds automatic encryption in search


Yahoo has added automatic encryption to their search engine so that search can get secure. Let us elaborate this, whenever you perform any kind of search on Yahoo then that search will be performed from their home page and at the same time your search will also be routed through a secure server automatically without giving any idea of background process to end user. There will be no change in search performance and it will be hidden from users, so end will get no visible change in their search.

yahoo logo

The new automatic re-routing of user search from a secure server will be applied to US sites only in addition to Yahoo UK as well as Yahoo Japan. There are many versions of Yahoo search and we would like to tell you that all those will process the search query from traditional way. They may be thinking to apply the same secure server routing for their other versions as well but for the time, there is no news available for it.

It was earlier promised and announced by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo that they will implement the secure server re-routing by the end of first quarter of 2014 and they did it. The new secure server re-routing means you can search anything without any fear that someone snooping on them. It will help users and yahoo as well.