Xperia C5 with bezel free display to be launched on August 3rd 2015


The new smartphone from Sony the Xperia C5 Ultra will be launched in just a few days. The smartphone which was known as Lavender will be available now as Xperia C5 Ultra. The company has started the promotion of this new device an Xperia and has slotted 3rd August as the date of launch. The single line from Sony on Twitter creates an image of a device which is highly powerful, though the new device Xperia C5 may not be similar to their earlier models Xperia C 3 and C4 in the areas of strength. The new Xperia C5 will have a front flash like the other models, but the device will probably have super-fast focusing in terms of face detection. There is every likelihood of the device having excellent ability at macro photography, though this may be all that vital feature known.

Xperia C5 Ultra

The new device Xperia C5 is likely to come with 5.5 inch or larger display which is most likely to be with FullHD display. The processor of this smartphone will be MediaTek MT 6752 chipset and will have the capacity of 2 GB RAM.There are hints about the rear camera being 13MP caliber. The device could be having both front and rear camera with the same caliber of 13 MP, or the front camera of 5MP and the primary rear camera of 13 MP, the users may have a choice of selection.

As the release date of 3rd August is fast approaching the interested customers may have to bear for the time being till the cat is out of the bag. Who knows Sony may have something up their sleeves and may present the device with few surprises or just altogether different.