Xiaomi new MIUI 6 looks very similar to iOS 7


Xiaomi is one of the leading smart phone makers in China. The company has launched Xiaomi Mi4 smart phone which runs on new MIUI 6 skin. The company has copy MIUI 6 skin from iOS 7 as they look same alike. Leta��s have a look at some of the designs and apps which are copied from iOS 7.

Xiaomi MI3

Copied notification and Applea��s control center features

Xiaomi has made this Smart phone a complete replica of iOS7. The notification panel is copied as the user will see same notification popup on the top of smart phone. Applea��s control centre, which includes phone settings like brightness, sounds, connectivity and flashlight are also copied by Xiaomi as user can have access to all of these by swiping up.

Similar app icons

In Android phones the app icons are all square with no rounded corners, but in this smart phone the app icons are much different as all the app icons are square with rounded corners, similar of iOS 7. Not only the app icons the company also copied some Apple apps.

Lock and home screen design is totally copied

The company has totally copied the design of home and lock screen. The smart phone asks the user to unlock the screen in the same manner like iOS 7 do. Moreover the company also copied the same white text, which invites users to unlock the screen. After you unlock the screen, a home screen with flat UI app icons appears, same as of iOS 7. The company has also added the same ellipses in the smart phone which shows how many screen users have to swipe.

Same calendar and calculator app

Some of the pre installed apps in Xiaomi Mi4 are similar to apps which Apple has installed on iOS 7. Calendar and calculator app in Mi4 look similar to iOS 7, not even a minor change have been made. The company has selected the same orange and white colour palette for the calculator and gray and brick red for the calendar app.

Xiaomi Mi4 is a 5 inch screen smart phone with 2.5 GHZ quad core Snapdragon processor with 3GB RAM. It has 13 mega pixel rear camera and 8 mega pixel front camera. User has to pay almost half the price of iOS 7 in order to avail all the services of it. This smart phone can be bought for $320 only whereas user has to pay $690 to avail services of iOS 7. Xiaomi also known as a�?Chinese Applea�? company will be a tough competitor for Apple.