Xiaomi Mi5 breaks in Antutu with score of 73K


The Xiaomi is again in the news! This time the rumours rounding up about Mi5, but these months later it has not materialized, not in public at least. After MIUI 7-launch and Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi broke its silence with Mi5 with supposedly appear on Antutu database.But these Smartphones are manipulating with numbers supposedly. The hoax figure of Samsung 96K, and now Xiaomi with 73,075 number seems to be unbelievable. To focus on point, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge come with Exynos 7420, which is the front runner in particular with score of 70K ballpark, or so as 73K number for this device to step in coming six months.

Xiaomi MI4

The piece of news is yet to be confirmed, the Chipset which will be fitted inside Xiaomi Mi5. According to source, the Smartphone will come with Snapdragon 820. But the latest Qualcomm’s working device is not expected to land until 2016 H1. It might stretch the life cycle of Mi4 upto 2-years which is tough.But the news of Xiaomi opting for Mediatek Helio X20 with LITTLE architecture will employ tri-cluster CPU with 10-cores total. While, the TENAA certification with large screen device of Mi5 Plus with CPU with 8-cores, which will land in November this year. Whichever chipset it will flaunt but the Smartphone will come with 5.3-inch of display with 4GB of RAM. The camera specification too is cool with 16MP of primary camera.