Xiaomi Buys Kingsoft Software for whooping $68-million: World Domination Step Two


Xiaomi has earned good amount of name last year. They created a buzz on its every launch. This time Xiaomi is in buzz with a sizzling news! Xiaomi has become one of worlda��s largest Smartphone selling company, the company has also started to invest in other Companies from 2014. Today, the officials from Xiaomi announced its plan to invest not only in games but also in Softwares. Xiaomi is planning to buy 2.98% of Kingsoft Software for $68million.
Kingsoft Company stepped in battle of technology by developing PC games, today the Company is listed as top Company in Hong Kong and valued over $2billion. The company is known for entertainment, enterprise and security products.


Xiaomi Buys Kingsoft Software Company

The investment of Xiaomi is pointing in positive direction, as this will definitely increase focus on software related services. Last year, the Xiaomi Company managed to sell out more than 60-million of device. It also managed to break the graph of the Korean giant company Samsung and became third largest seller of Smartphone around the world.
Xiaomi has spread its wing in all direction, it has stepped with Smart TV, Air purifiers, Streaming box, blood test device are few to name. Xiaomia��s deal with Kingsoft to buy percent of the Company is expected to complete by end of January. Lei Jun who is co-founder and CEO of Kingsoft. He himself owns around 15% of company.