Xiaomi and Samsung Top most faked brands in China


There are many who do market research on the popularity of various smartphone devices. The market research and the analysts constantly jot down estimates about the popularity of the different devices and the devices and brands liked by the people. China has a great potential for the fake and imitative devices and there is a sprawling industry to accomplish this.
There is an ideal developer in China, namely the AnTuTu which has great coverage in the market, regularly thousands of smartphone devices log in to the server to submit the data. There are plenty of devices which log in and there are genuine as well as the phones that are imitated version of the famous brands.

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The most popular brands are often victims of the imitation. Xiaomi and Samsung are the most popular brands all over and China is not an exception. AnTuTu has found in their survey that Xiaomi and Samsung are the two brands which are most widely copied and most faked smartphones in the market. Xiaomi which enjoys a market share of 37.3 % whereas the market share of Samsung phones are whopping 30.96 %. Together a market share above 68%, obviously they are the most faked brands.
Samsung had assumed the number one position in the smartphone devices market in the world and was dominating the market share for a considerable time, however now Xiaomi has proved to be a strong competitor and is mainly responsible for the declining market share. Even in the field of imitation Xiomi seems to have overtaken Samsung.
In China therefore Xiaomi and Samsung are the two most popular brands that are faked in the Android phones market.